Special Recorded Class Now Available: “How to Earn the Big Bucks and Become the CEO of Your Business”

Become the CEO of your Business

Hey, it's Alice - CEO of Publish for Prosperity. 👋

Recently, we got together to talk about one of my very favourite topics and that's...

Becoming the CEO of your business, so you can maximize the profits in your business AND create the lifestyle freedom you've always wanted.

I know that sounds like a tall order, but I'm living proof of this. I have spent the last 17 years systemizing my business, so my daily business operations, product creation and content marketing is largely hands-free. 

By doing that, I've freed up the time to focus on the BIG IDEAS and growth for my business...and only take the time for very high level tasks in my business, so I keep GROWING. 

I'd like to show you how I do it because you can duplicate it for yourself, no matter what type of online business you run.

Here are the full details...

Living the CEO Life

Me and My Friend...All About Living that CEO Life on a Recent Family Trip. We LOVE to travel! 

"How to Earn the Big Bucks and Become the CEO of Your Business" Class Info

This is a pre-recorded session where I helped my customers go from basic outsourcing to amping things up to work less and earn more by assuming a CEO-role in their business. 

Some of the things you'll learn:

  • What to do if you have zero money to outsource
  • The first thing you should outsource
  • How to scale your outsourcing efforts, so you work less and less, but make more and more
  • The one key to your outsourcing strategy that will ensure you are consistently moving to the CEO-level of your business.
  • How to get quality people on your team that stick around for the long haul
  • What to do when things go bad. They will go bad, but you can get back on track quickly with these tips.
  • Understanding your role as CEO in your business and how you are in full control of creating the lifestyle freedom you've always wanted.
  • Developing a CEO mindset, so you can always stay focused and ensure your business is running smoothly and growing at the same time. 

How to Get In: Simply Name Your Price

I like to keep education as accessible as possible to my customers, so they can better leverage all our private label rights content packages we sell. After all, if your business is growing...my business will grow in turn because you always need more content to feed your hungry audience. 

So with that in mind, I'll let you name your price and get instant access to the recordings and transcripts (TRANSCRIPTS ARE IN PROGRESS AS WE JUST RECENTLY COMPLETED THIS EVENT). This content is for your own personal use only...no private label rights included, but the education you will receive will be MASSIVE. 

I'd say the retail value of just the event itself is about $97 because you're getting direct access to 17 years of online entrepreneurial experience. But I leave it up to you to name your price....so that you can become CEO of your business.

Name Your Price

This was a really enjoyable event and I got lots of great feedback from my customers who are ready to leverage the work of others to become CEOs of their business. I think you'll find the same. 

To your great success,
Alice Seba
Alice Seba
Your Partner in Easy Product Creation

P.S. I'm guessing you didn't start your online business to just work, work, work and hold 12 different jobs to keep it running. Name your price now and let's make a big change to your life. 

Join me, any my special guest instructor, Justin Popovic from Tools For Motivation.
In this session, you will learn insider information on how some of the most savvy business owners are turning done-for-you (PLR) content into a steady flow of revenue generating products/courses.
Justin will also share some real-world, practical examples of how PLR content can help you…
* Build the know, like, trust factor to make selling your offers a breeze.
* Spoil your subscribers so they never want to leave your list… while turning them into repeat customers
* Create a WOW factor for new people visiting your site for the first time by creating free blog posts that you “COULD” charge money for… and do so in less than 10 minute
* Gain a huge competitive edge by creating visually stunning ebooks, presentations, handouts and more… even if your design skills suck
Save Time And Make More Money In Your Business Using Done-For-You Content

P.P.S. Click the "Name Your Price" button above and you'll get instant personal rights access to the recordings and transcripts will be available very soon.