7 Proven Strategies for Dealing with Overwhelm and Getting Stuff Done Anyway

If you've ever felt overwhelmed and found it difficult to get all the important things in your life done, you're certainly not alone.

Here's a question from one of 4X System Subject Matter Expert Training students. She asked:

When one is overwhelmed and faced with too many things to do, all of which are crucial, how does one best juggle time and effort to get all of them done?

It's a great question and one we've all certainly been confronted with many times before. Watch the video above for 7 strategies to help you get back on track.

Here's what we covered, but watch the video to get the full explanation, examples and implementation strategies:

  1. Know How Much Time You Have
  2. Action is The Only Way Out of Overwhelm
  3. Ask Yourself WHY?
  4. Get Rid of Filler Work and Time Wasters
  5. Use a Timer and Do The Things You Don’t Want Anyway
  6. Be Conscious of Your TRUE Productivity
  7. Multi-Tasking is a Lie

Overwhelm is simply a state of mind and it's one you can get out of, if you have a plan. The 7 strategies above will help get you there.

To your great success,

Alice Seba and Damon Greene
Your Partners in Easy Product Creation