Accept and Love People For Who They Are -

Accept and Love People For Who They Are

Love your customers and your clients. Love your family. Love your neighbors. Always.

You may have to let some high maintenance clients go and that customer who chews you out because of a tech issue beyond your control may test your patience. You may also want to avoid certain subjects with Aunt Grace at Thanksgiving or when you speak to your neighbor through the backyard fence.

That's just common sense.

But love them. Accept them as they are. You never know what they're going through and we all have different ways of seeing things. That will never change, especially with resistance, so why fight it?

The more you fight it, the less peace there is in this world and the less peace you have within yourself. If nothing else, realize that when you are so focused on other people's worthiness, you diminish your worthiness in the process.

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