Pay Attention To Your Audience -

Pay Attention To Your Audience


It's an interesting world we live in…we have so many platforms to communicate with our audience, but none are exactly the same.

If you're broadcasting the exact same thing on all platforms, you may selling yourself short. A few minutes of effort to fine-tune your message to the platform can make a world of difference.

Pay attention to what people respond to on each platform. If we're talking social media, your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter audiences will all be different. All these platforms give you analytics, so pay attention and make adjustments to increase your engagement and results.

This can be the type of content they respond to. Experiment and see what they like. For example, in the dog niche, our Facebook audience is a whole lot of fun and loves to respond with comments…so I ask lots of questions where I don't do that as much on other platforms.

It can be as simple as that.

You will probably notice different things that will give you an in with a particular audience.

And HOW you say stuff is critically important.

What you send by email will be different than what you put in your Facebook Group. Email is more formal and commercial. So if you want to share a commercial message in your group or even on your page, you'll probably do it in a more conversational, softer style.

Same with your blog…if you have one. Do people still have them? I guess I do. It's also more conversational. It is NOT the same as email, but it's probably okay to be more directly promotional than on social media.

But of course, your results may vary. Pay attention to your audience and adjust accordingly.

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