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Alice’s “47 Success Secrets” Special Event Recording and Transcripts Now Available

Now for something really different that will help you grow your business in so many ways AND be a ton of fun as well

For my birthday, I threw a virtual birthday party and you're invited! 🎉🎊🎂

Since I turned 47, I shared 47 of my best success secrets. I also took lots of time for questions! 

Here are the full details...

The Birthday Party

In this pre-recorded session, I share 47 success tips I've learned through my 17 years of online entrepreneurship...and throughout my life. 

Main Topic Areas Include:

Partying Hard Since My 1st Birthday

Me...Partying Hard Since My First Birthday

  • Mindset & Vision
  • Work Habits & Time Management
  • Decision Making for Faster Success
  • Winning Product and Service Ideas
  • Delegation and Team Building for More Time Freedom
  • Promoting Yourself for More Reach and Sales

And here's a quick peek at just a handful of the success tips. Join below to get full access to all 47 tips and the wisdom behind them.

A Preview of a Handful of the Success Tips

How to Get In: Simply Name Your Price

I like to keep education as accessible as possible to my customers, so they can better leverage all our private label rights content packages we sell. After all, if your business is growing...my business will grow in turn because you always need more content to feed your hungry audience. 

So with that in mind, I'll let you name your price and get instant access to the recordings and transcripts. This content is for your own personal use only...no private label rights included, but the education you will receive will be MASSIVE. 

I'd say the retail value of just the event itself is about $97 because you're getting direct access to 17 years of online entrepreneurial experience. But I leave it up to you to name your price....

Name Your Price

This event was a lot of fun and I got lots of great feedback from my customers and I think you'll find the same. 

To your great success,
Alice Seba
Alice Seba
Your Partner in Easy Product Creation

P.S. Here's me, probably on my 7th or 8th birthday. At this time, I wanted to be a teacher and I loved writing. Who knew that many years later, I'd turn BOTH those loves into a business thriving beyond my wildest dreams.  Join me for the party and let's talk about how I went from this dorky little kid to successful entrepreneur...all with with ZERO business training. 

Join me, any my special guest instructor, Justin Popovic from Tools For Motivation.
In this session, you will learn insider information on how some of the most savvy business owners are turning done-for-you (PLR) content into a steady flow of revenue generating products/courses.
Justin will also share some real-world, practical examples of how PLR content can help you…
* Build the know, like, trust factor to make selling your offers a breeze.
* Spoil your subscribers so they never want to leave your list… while turning them into repeat customers
* Create a WOW factor for new people visiting your site for the first time by creating free blog posts that you “COULD” charge money for… and do so in less than 10 minute
* Gain a huge competitive edge by creating visually stunning ebooks, presentations, handouts and more… even if your design skills suck
Save Time And Make More Money In Your Business Using Done-For-You Content

P.P.S. Click the "Name Your Price" button above and you'll get instant personal rights access to the recordings and transcripts.