Boost Your Marketing  with These Three Simple Daily Tasks...Includes Practical Ideas

A lot of people think growing your online business has to be hard, complicated or too much work. 

But it's not. You can even do it in less than an hour a day. So even if you have a job, family to attend to or other priorities, you can still build your audience, get more sales and connect with your audience every single day. 

It's really simple actually and can be boiled down to three simple tasks. Focus on these and do just one thing each day in each group and reap the rewards. 

1. Do one thing to grow your audience.
2. Do one thing to get more sales.
3. Do one thing to connect to your audience on a personal level.

And if that sounds overwhelming...don't worry. I've got plenty of ideas for you below. 

1. Choose One Grow Your Audience Task:

  • Set up a new lead magnet
  • Get your affiliates to promote your lead magnet...offer pay per lead commissions or a superb backend where they’re sure to earn good $
  • Share your lead magnet on social media
  • Create an ad for your lead magnet (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.)
  • Create an ad to grow your social media following.
  • Start a Facebook Group...or LinkedIn or wherever you like hanging out
  • Make friends with someone else working in your niche today...these friendships turn into valuable partnerships
  • Interact with others with similar interests and wow them with your expertise, good looks and charm
  • Get booked for a podcast interview...or any type of interview that will boost your exposure
  • Interview someone
  • Run a webinar - get your affiliates to promote, partner with someone with an audience they can promote to, etc.
  • Publish more shareable content...errday

Your turn...what could you do to grow your audience today?

2. Choose One Sell More Products Task:

  • Send an email to your list.
  • Have an affiliate (or better yet, AFFILIATES) send email to their list.
  • Publish some highly informative content that leads to a logical conclusion that your reader should buy your product
  • Put an ad on social media, Google, etc.
  • Hold a free webinar, product info session
  • Give a limited time coupon or special offer
  • Set up a paid webinar/class/coaching program that you can take $ for now and create as you go.
  • Contact your existing and previous clients to see if they need help with anything
  • Bundle up some products to make a hard-to-resist package.
  • Offer a $1 or free trial for your membership to drum up those recurring sales

Need some money today? I don't think you have any excuses.

3. Choose One Connect with Your Audience Task:

  • ​Share a photo
  • Share a story
  • Ask them questions as a group
  • Give them a valuable, no strings-attached gift
  • Make them laugh
  • Make them cry
  • Make them angry (usually not at you, but depends on your strategy)
  • Give them encouragement
  • Make a video with your beautiful face
  • Do a live video and interact with them
  • Hold a webinar
  • Create a podcast
  • Share their stories (case studies, success stories, etc. that they submit to you)
  • Interview them
  • Do an AMA (ask me anything)
  • Show your vulnerable side (mistakes, share your fears...but show them how you're coming out ahead)

​Easy peasy right? The more your audience sees you as a real person they can relate to, the more they're going to come to you for advice, services and products. So get on it!

Help with Your Implementation: We've Got Free Content You Can Use

Put what you learned into practice with some of our free content samples. These samples come with complete private label rights, which means you can edit, brand, monetize and publish the content as your own. 

These are perfect for growing your audience as we've got some great lead magnet reports you can use to lure new subscribers. We've also got plenty of articles and graphics that are perfect for connecting with your audience. And remember, you can monetize the content with your products and services to increase your sales too! 

To your great success,
Alice Seba
Alice Seba
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