Focus On The Good And Honest Customers

So I've been thinking about customer service a lot lately. 

Like first with huge companies like Facebook that essentially provide no customer service or very poor automated service. 

But what I'm currently REALLY intrigued by is the automated customer service from Door Dash which assumes the customer is right and fixes things automatically to please the customer. There is obviously potential for abuse, but I'm guessing they do this because it is much more cost-effective for them to do things this way and it provides a better customer experience.

Here's an example of how their customer service works...

We got an order and the guy didn't read the apartment number so he called to ask what it was. Somehow he misunderstood me and dropped the food off on a different floor (they text you a picture with the food at the door). I have no idea how he got to that floor because the security in my building gives me no access to that floor. 

So I put in a help request. I said the food wasn't delivered and their support system asked if I wanted them to deliver it again. I said okay and another order was on the way, no questions asked. 

But lol, when the next order arrived, there were items missing. So I go and report those and then it asks me if I want a $5.83 credit for the items missing and I say okay and I have a credit in my account, no questions asked. 

That's amazing and perhaps very smart. Because when I compare it to customer service with Skip the Dishes, they essentially do the same thing (they believe the customer), but you have to talk to someone and go through a longer process to resolve the issue. 

As a customer, I love this automated stuff because it's fast and it's done. And as a business owner, they save a lot of money on customer long as people don't abuse the system. 

I mean, I don't think I'm anywhere near automated customer service, but I do think sometimes it's just simpler to let the customer be right. The more hoops they have to jump through, the more work it creates for us and we sour their experience. 

It's abundance thinking at work, I believe. Focus on the GOOD and HONEST customers and more will come.

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