11 Ways to Use Done-for-You Planners & Journals to Boost Your Business

How to Grow Business with Done-for-You Planners and Journals

You know we LOVE creating tons of journals, planners and other high value content for you at Publish for Prosperity. And there's good reason for that. This is the kind of content that can really boost your business, if you use it wisely. 

The are a lot of reasons this kind of content is so valuable to both you and your customers. Just a few of those reasons include:

  • They're tangible. People love to be able to have something in their hand…or like the thought of having them in their hands, even if they download them and never end up printing them.
  • They're action-oriented. If you give out printables journals, they not only give your customer or subscriber information…but they allow them to take action and work toward their goals.
  • They stand out. In a digital world where everyone claims to have the advice to solve a problem with an ebook, report or article, offering journals and planners helps you stand out.
  • And people just freaking love planners and journals. Perhaps the most important reason of all. This is the kind of content people LOVE.

So how do you use them in your business? Let me count the ways (or at least some of them...I don't think we have enough time to go through them all)...

Incorporating Journals and Planner into Your Marketing and Customer Satisfaction Plan

Whether you offer your journals and planners in digital or printable format, there is so much you can do with them. You can use them to generate sales, grow your traffic and build your mailing list. I'd recommend doing a little bit of everything. Of course, don't do it all at once.

Implement, see your results and tweak. Then add ideas as you go. 

  • Create opt-in offers to grow your list. Have the opt-in for a journal or planner...they get awesome content and you get a new subscriber and potential customer. If you have a course or other complementary product to the free planner or journal, be sure to make a special offer to your new subscribers, so they turn into customers quickly. 
  • Add them to your courses. What a great way to instantly boost the value of your course with actionable content. A journal or planner makes it much easier for your customers to implement what they learn and get results. And remember, the more results your customers have...the more testimonials you have, which brings in more business. 
  • Have them printed and bound as gifts for your best clients. What a great surprise gift for your best clients or other business connections. Never underestimate the power of a thoughtful gift when it comes to generating more business and word of mouth. And heck, don't be shy in the card you include with your gift. Tell them how much you appreciate their business, that they're one of your favorite clients and if they know other awesome people like themselves who could use your services, they should feel free to send them your way. 
  • Sell the printed or digital versions on Amazon, Etsy, or other online platforms. Journals and planners are products in themselves, so take advantage of the built in audiences of these large platforms. Have a look at what's already selling well to see how you can tap into this potential cash flow. 
  • Use them as unadvertised bonuses. What a great surprise download for your customers. Set up an autoresponder message a few days after they buy your product, inviting them to download their bonus journal or planner. 
  • Ask other product or course sellers to use them as bonuses. Keep an eye out for other product sellers who sell products on a similar to your journal or planner. Ask if they'd like to offer your product as free bonus to their customers. Just give a 100% off coupon, so those customers can claim their bonus AND get them onto your customer list a the same time. 
  • Keep an eye out for contests, group sales or other opportunities to contribute your awesome content. Anytime someone asks if you can contribute to their sale or contest, say YES ABSOLUTELY! It's great extra exposure and generally, the participants will need to register at your site to get their gift or prize. 
  • Use them to generate new course ideas. If you're using our planners or journals with private label rights (or from another awesome PLR Sellers), take a look at the topics and see if you can generate a course around that very topic. 
  • Give them as a free gift for webinar attendance. If you run sales or other webinars, you know the importance of having a live audience. Live attendees are more likely to buy or take action, so offer them a journal or planner for being there.
  • Host in-person workshops (or online). Teach people to journal or plan with an in-person or online workshop. The benefits of journaling and planning are immense, so show your attendees how to get results.  
  • Try a free with shipping offer. One great way to get people on a customer list is to offer a free + shipping offer. They are attracted by the free offer, but are also a valuable paying customer who is more likely to purchase more higher priced products. 

Now you've got 11 idea to implement, but where do you get your journals and planners? Well of course, we've got you covered.

How to Get Low Cost Done-for-You Customizable Planners You Can Grow Business With

Certainly, you can create all your journals and planners from scratch. They'll take quite a bit of time or if you're hiring out, quite a bit of cash investment. 

But the good news is, we've done all this work and investment for you. 

You can always look through all of our done for you content packs that include a bunch of planners and journals. They usually have reports, graphics and other content to go with the particular topic. 

But if you want to get individual planner and journals you can run with...that come with full private label commercial use rights, visit our Etsy Shop and pick and choose what you'd like. 

It's a super easy way to stock up on the journals and planners you need. They're fully editable and monetizable...so grab what you need.

To your great success,
Alice Seba
Alice Seba
Your Partner in Easy Product Creation