Adapting Your Communication to Your Audience to Make More Sales

Communication style depends on the platform being used.

As marketers, we communicate with our audience using these 3 mediums of communication:

  1. Blog/website articles
  2. Social Media
  3. Email

Each medium must use a different approach of getting your message across if you are to get the best results from your communication campaigns.

Blog/Website Articles

When posting on your blog or adding articles to your website, be sure to always make an offer of some type to opt-in for more help/tools. By using opt-ins, you are building to your list thereby making it easier for you to contact them at a later date with new offers or information.

People that are impressed with the content you're sharing would love to come back for more, but with so much information out on the Internet, they'll forget where they found you if they don't bookmark your website. Instead you go to them. How?

When you make a high-value, free offer that is relevant to what they just read, you've just given them the perfect reason for them to share their email address with you, so that they can continue to hear from you.

Social Media 

On social media, the approach is more subtle ... sometimes you might link to more help/tools in your post. But most times, just very casually mention the products and services you have very briefly and only IF it's totally relevant to the post.

Social media requires a more subtle, long game approach as people aren't expecting to be sold and algorithms are built on ENGAGEMENT. When all you make are pitches or links to promotions, you're going to tank your chances of your content being seen because the social media site won't see your organic value ... and neither will your new audience.

But when you focus on engaging content that draws the audience in, the more they will get to know and like you, and ultimately, as your trust builds with them, so does their interest in what you have to offer. So the more you talk about your offers casually and where it's relevant, the more aware they are of your business and over time, the easier it will become to get them to come over to your website to opt-in/buy, etc.


If you're emailing, weave your offers into your content, instead of just pasting them into a newsletter. Email is the most commercial of the mediums we've listed here and people EXPECT to be sold something when they open an email from a business.

BUT you can stand out by successfully blending highly informative and useful content with what you're trying to sell. Just sending articles and then making a separate pitch is disjointed and won't be powerful at all as they'll pick and choose what they read. But when you can get them interested in the topic and then relate that to a product or offer, all in the context of one written piece, you've build PERSUASION that creates a captive, buying audience. 

So where do you go from here?

What To Do Next: Get Some Free Content to Practice With

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To your great success,
Alice Seba
Alice Seba
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