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Hi! My name is Trish and I'd like to personally welcome you to our site.  

Here you'll find lots of high-quality and affordable private label Personal Development content. Our content packages are designed to help coaches, consultants, speakers, publishers, and online entrepreneurs just like you build profitable, scalable businesses, without having to create it all yourself.

Our ready-to-publish content packages make it super easy for you to give your customers and clients the top-notch resources they want and need to live better, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

Since 2017, we've delivered valuable, evergreen content that serves your audience, builds your list, and boosts your bottom line. 

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Our History

Publish for Prosperity was founded by Alice Seba, a well-known and highly respected Content Marketing expert, in 2017. Alice has been a top Private Label Rights content creator since 2006 and her creative influence is still felt throughout the site and in many of our content packages today. 

I purchased Publish for Prosperity from Alice in May 2022. I bring over 25 years of diverse sales and marketing experience with several industry-leading organizations and my own entrepreneurial efforts.

The training and hands-on experience I gained from these opportunities has been invaluable throughout my consulting and online marketing career.

I've been working online since 2008 and focusing on PLR content since 2013. Since then, I've helped thousands of local businesses and online entrepreneurs become more successful with a winning combination of strategic web development, search engine optimization, content marketing, and paid advertising campaigns.

My goal is to help you create your dream business and lifestyle, while you follow your passion to create a better world for others.

So if you're ready to publish tons of great content, but don't want to spend countless hours and/or dollars in the process, check out our complete content library here.

We look forward to making YOU look good!

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