3 Tips to Build Your Mailing List and Maximize Sales through Email Marketing

Smart marketing means using your mailing list to increase sales.

Have you heard the phrase “The money is in the list“? And the bigger the list, the greater potential you have to make sales. However with that said, even a smaller, but responsive list can make you a good amount of sales as well.  

So in this article, we share three tips on how to grow your list and have at your fingertips the ability to make sales anytime your ready.

To show you the power of having a list, imagine you release a new product and all you have to do is send ONE email out to see a big flood of sales come in. 

THAT's what building your list means. I mean, you could have an Instagram following of 10K and try to tell them about your new product. Maybe you'll see a few sales. BUT, if you have a list of 10K subscribers that you grew organically through highly targeted efforts … you ARE going to make sales. 

And the reality is every day you DON'T do something to grow your list, you robbed yourself of that opportunity. Sorry, but that's really how it is. List building is an every day activity, but it doesn't have to take a lot of your time … slow and steady works too because it is the steady progress that will get you where you want to be. 

To grow your list, I recommend these 3 tips …

1. Make it a goal to set up fresh and highly targeted opt-in offers about once per month. So YES, you'll have LOTS of ways to enter your list. Just remember the freebies you create should be related to your products, services or things you want to promote. Lure them in with the free and then upgrade them to the AWESOME. Of course, we always have lots of content you can use to accomplish this including our FREE Prioritize Your Life lead magnet package here. Or grab the FREE Learning to Think and Aim Big lead magnet package right here

2. Keep driving traffic to those offers. You don't have to be a traffic guru to make this happen. Just do something each day to get more eyeballs on those free offers. 

  • To get traffic to your free offer, promote in on social media. You can do that for free or create Facebook/Instagram/Twitter ads and more. 
  • If it's a report, break it up into articles you post on your blog and have them opt-in for the full content. 
  • Brand your social media images with a URL that points to your free offer. Share those images on social media and encourage your followers to share them as well. 
  • If you have an affiliate program, create a special referral link for your affiliates to send traffic to your opt-in offer. You can offer them a per-lead commission or set up a paid back end offer, so they get paid for each new sale. 
  • Make a video about your freebie and how your gift can help people. Post to YouTube and get people to share your video. Your affiliates can embed the video on their site too. 
  • Ask your subscribers and followers to share it. You can even provide an incentive for them to do so.
  • Partner with other publishers and swap opt-in promos.
  • Write guest blog posts on other relevant blogs and invite blog readers to sign up for your awesome freebie.
  • Provide useful commentary on blogs and news sites. Include a link to your opt-in page in the appropriate space. Don’t link to your site in the body of your comment.
  • Distribute press releases online and to other online and offline media.
  • Have a sweepstakes or giveaway on your site with a cool prize. Encourage entrants to claim their free gift and subscribe to your mailing list.
  • Get interviewed on websites, podcasts, etc. Get out there and get known!

There's always something you can do to grow that list. The effort you invest in it will be well worth it. Keep focused on creating content that supports your free offer and that list will build.

3. Communicate with that list. You HAVE to keep in touch and hone your email writing skills. Even if the list is small, start talking to them as you'll learn plenty from the process and as your list grows, you'll learn more and more about your audience and how you can serve them best. This is work that will pay off and it doesn't have to take long. Just a list of 1,000 fresh targeted subscribers should be providing you a decent return. 

So it seems like a lot, but it's not. Do one step at a time:

  1. Set up that opt-in offer each month (perhaps using our done-for-you reports and I gave you links to some free ones too)
  2. Drive a little traffic to each offer
  3. Stay in touch with your list frequently.

That's it!
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Alice Seba
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