More Genius Ideas for Using PLR: 
Personal Branding and Multiplying Your PLR Content from Just One Content Piece

In this excerpt from Justin Popovic's "How to Use PLR" training, Justin goes over more advanced PLR implementation strategies. If you missed the basic strategy ideas, you can watch those here. Here, Justin shares two ideas via some examples that can easily be implemented into your business.  

Example 1: Personal Branding Content

Easily build the know / like / trust factor with new prospects to make selling your offers a breeze. A simple way to make your subscribers remember you.

  • Find a PLR article with relevant content you want to share.
  • ​Grab key information or stand out "a-ha moment" phrases and ​add them into a very simple slide deck. It doesn't need to be fancy. 
  • Make a short video narrating the full article over the slides. You can use tools like Camtasia, Screenflow or use a free tool like CamStudio. 
  • Then for branding purposes, record a short intro video of yourself for personal branding. You can use your smartphone to do this part and add this to your screen capture video.

Once you've put the video together, you have a well-branded piece of content to share with your audience...and really, all you had to do is read a PLR article to create it. And like Justin says in the video (watch it to see his example), imagine if you took the 10 minutes or so needed to do this once a week for a year. Within a year, you'd have 52 videos that you can share on YouTube, your blog, social media and all over the place...allowing your growing audience to get to know you, trust you and want to buy your products. 

TIP! Make sure to put a strategic link in your video. Send them to your opt-in pages or to something you're selling.

Example 2: Extract Your Expertise into a Video Presentation

This is a 10-15 minute exercise that will extract your expertise into a video and you can have it transcribed for free. It still uses PLR to make it a quicker and easier process.

  • Find a topic ​you know well and you feel fairly confident talking about. 
  • Find a PLR article on ​same topic and extract 3-5 pieces of key information that you can discuss based on your own experience and knowledge. 
  • ​​Paste the 3-5 topics into a simple slide show, much like in the first example. 
  • Record yourself explaining the topic. Watch the video as Justin shares some tips on making it easy to record your thoughts. 
  • Upload to YouTube and use the built in transcribing tool to receive a free transcription of your presentation. Watch the video to see how to use the transcription tool. 

The beauty of this method is that you end up with a video that shares your expertise AND a transcript that you can use as articles, social media posts and more.

What to Do Next - Put These Ideas into Practice 

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