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4X Session Training Materials

4X System Training Materials

Here are the training materials to help you put your 4X System Training program together for your customers. You'll find training recordings, slides shows to conduct your own training, transcripts, notes and student materials as well. 

Session Recordings: 

We have provided downloadable versions of the following videos because they are yours to use as course and/or promotional material as you see fit…but for best results, we recommend that you use these recordings to LEARN the 4X System and then use the notes as your guide to deliver the training yourself.

If you prefer to watch the recordings online, instead of downloading them, you can find the full library of streaming lessons here.

Session 1: Introduction to the 4X System

Session 1 4X System

Session 2: Deep Dive into the 4X System Principles

Session 2

Session 3: Implementation of the Master 4X System Workbook and Level Up Journal

4X System Session 3 Graphic

Session 4: Live Example of the Master 4X System Workbook 

Session 4

Training Session Slide Shows:

Use these slides shows to deliver your training. You can edit these as much as you'd like, add your own personal stories, examples and more.

Transcripts with Ecovers:

You have complete private label rights to these transcripts, but we do no recommend sending them out unedited. Use them as your opportunity to learn the 4X System, edit them for your audience or use excerpts as course or promotional materials. 

Session 1:

Session 2:

Session 3: 

Session 4: 

Notes with Ecovers:

These notes are condensed versions of the transcripts. They are perfect for creating a study guide for your students or as a script for your own training. 

Session 1:

Session 2: 

Session 3: 

Session 4: 

Student Materials and Handouts with Ecovers:

Here are the training materials that can be given out during the training. You can decide how it works best to distribute them, but we've divided the materials up as we introduced them in our 4 session. You can also handout the notes (above) as student materials as well. 

Before You Get Started:

Master Checklist

Session 1:

Session 2: 

Session 3: 

4X System Marketing Materials

4X System Marketing Materials

Sales Page Included

Here are the marketing materials to help you sell your 4X System. We've included plenty of graphics, a sales page and a promotional email series. You might find the contents of the bonus Sales Funnel Templates useful as well. And we've included our Q&A session recordings and transcripts that you might find helpful in creating your marketing strategy.

Marketing Materials Menu

Graphics | More Marketing Materials | Selling Q&A

More Marketing Materials

  • Sales Page (.zip): There are two versions of the sales page. One is a text file that include ready-to-use WordPress code you can paste in. Or use the .doc version as a guide in creating your own page. 
  • Promotional Emails (.zip): Here's a handy 7-part email series that you can customize and change up as much as you'd like. 

Q&A Sessions to Help You Sell

These are our Q&A Sessions about selling the 4X System. They are not intended for use in your training or marketing, but include useful advice to help you sell your high ticket training program. 

Session 1 Q&A

Download the MP4 here, if you prefer. You can also grab the transcript (PDF) if you'd rather read. 

Session 2 Q&A

You can Download the MP4 here or if you prefer the transcript (PDF), more power to you.  

Session 3 Q&A

Download the MP4 here, if you prefer and you can also download the transcript of the marketing Q&A here (PDF).

Session 4 Q&A

Download the MP4, if you prefer and transcripts are here (PDF). 

4X System Session 2

4X System Session 2: Streaming Video


Ownership Deep Dive

Dedication Deep Dive

Results Deep Dive

Mission Deep Dive

Road Map Review  (a quick overview...this will be covered in more depth in session 3)

Implementation Deep Dive

Measure and Adjust Deep Dive


Q&A Session

4X System Session 1

4X System Session 1: Streaming Video 

Quick Intro to the 4X System

Damon's Story (for ideas on adding your own story to your training...please don't use this for your own training)

Intro Continued

Productivity Beliefs and Framework

4X System Self-Mastery

Session 1 Wrap Up

4X System Q&A

4X System Sales Page Templates Bonus

4X System Bonus: Sales Page Templates

Get your fill-in-the-blanks templates that make it easier for you to sell your online training program. We've included sales pages, graphics and swipe files to make it easy. Make sure to read the Insider's Guide so you can use these documents effectively.

Get More Templates Just Like These at 40% Off

If you're looking for more templates to help you make easy work of your marketing, check out Alice's DFYTemplates. You can join the monthly membership for a new handy fill-in-the-blanks template package each month or select one of the a la carte packages to fill a certain need. 

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4X System Downloads

4X System Downloads to Help You Launch Your Next High Ticket Training Product

Congratulations on taking your first step towards creating your next high ticket training program. You'll find all your downloads and bonus content in this members area. To help you get started, we've organized your 4X materials as follows:

  • Training Materials: Here's where you'll find the downloadable recordings and transcripts to learn the 4X System. You'll also be able to download the slides, notes and participant materials.
  • Streaming Video Lessons: If you'd prefer to watch the 4X System lessons online, instead of downloading, this is where you should go. 
  • Marketing Materials: Grab the graphics, sales page and promo emails series. You can also watch or read our session Q&As about selling the 4X System. 

Bonus Content to Get You Selling

You also have access to the following that will help you get your product up for sale much more quickly.

  • Publish! Course: This 6-module course walks you through creating a stellar online training program experience for your students, so you can enjoy ongoing revenue.
  • Sales Funnel Templates: This package includes our Insider's Guide to help you use the templates, sales page template, thank you page template, upsell page template, call to action swipe file, closings swipe file, headlines swipe file, power words swipe file, transitions swipe file and a sales page graphics collection.
  • Insider's Club Upgrade: This is an optional upgrade, but if you need our help, the Insider's Club gives you access to ask any questions you need help with, become a case study and have access to a library of additional training materials.

Get Accountability and Stay on Track:

Our 4X System students have also started a Facebook Group intended to provide support and accountability to 4X Trainers. This is a valuable resource we recommend you participate in. Click here to request addition to this group.

Need Help with Your Downloads or Accessing the Materials?

If you need any technical support with accessing your product or downloads, please open a support ticket and we'll be happy to help you.

To your great success,

Alice Seba and Damon Greene
Your Partners in Easy Product Creation