Help Your Clients Be Leaders
in Their Community (or Be One Yourself)

Becoming a Community Leader

If you need ideas to become more involved in your community or you help your clients with their leadership skills, there are plenty of opportunities to get started. Helping your community is rewarding in so many ways and can help bolster your personal and professional reputation as well.

Listen to the quick article on becoming a community leader below and keep reading for tips on working with your clients. 

​Why and How to Become a Community Leader

​You may be a great leader at work. People come to you to help them with their problems, and your suggestions lead them to good solutions. Perhaps you are skilled at running teams. Why not use your leadership abilities to help out your local community?

Most communities need help in some capacity. And strong leaders are too few and far between. This is not to say that people aren’t willing to help out. It’s just that they often don’t know what kinds of help is needed.

We often defer things to our municipalities thinking that our tax dollars are going to handle the necessary resources for the community. However, these municipalities don’t have enough money. This could be through bad management by the elected officials. Or it could be they don’t get enough in tax revenues from their collections to implement the necessary programs. It’s always a debate because taxpayers complain they are already paying too much in taxes.

Communities usually have needs that stretch the abilities of the municipalities. There are only so many dollars available before having to hit up the taxpayers again. This is never a popular position for elected officials. Therefore, community leaders are needed to step up and find ways outside of the municipalities to provide for the communities in an efficient manner.

One way to accomplish this is to seek out funding from foundations. It’s usually easier to obtain this type of funding than to tap into governmental grants. If you decide that there are funds available, make sure you read through the guidelines before seeking to fund. These foundations receive many requests, and they automatically reject applications that don’t follow the guidelines.

It may be worth it to find training on how to proceed with foundation funding. Check your local library for programs available as well as online inquiries. Some will charge a small fee, but this skill will be worth it when you try for your funding. It can be the difference between getting funded or not.

Another possibility is to seek out crowdfunding online. While this can be a great means to get your initiatives funded, it has become popular, which means there is more competition for funds.

Knowledge about funding initiatives for your community will set you apart from others. Most people will defer to their local municipalities or state governments. These same people are often left wondering why nothing ever gets done in their communities.

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