Elevating Others to Improve Your Leadership Skills and Results

Elevate Others to be a Better Leader

The old-fashioned way of leading was more of an authoritarian type of figure, but study after study indicates that a leader that fosters gratitude and appreciate for her team members gets better results. This translates into more productivity and team loyalty, making a leaders job much easier.

Here's a quick article that provides food for thought…

​​Be a Leader by Letting Other People Shine

​​As a leader, you are looked upon to make serious decisions. These decisions often affect others and are not always popular. It goes with the territory of being a leader, but being a GOOD leader isn't about imposing your will on others. It's about cultivating a team that works well together and makes progress together.

​What if you can approach your leadership style in a way that could become a bit more popular with the people you lead? If you elevated people, this ​makes them want to work harder and they'll be willing to follow you just about anywhere. 

A few ways to elevate your team:

  • Value and listen to all ideas and contributions from your team.
  • Recognize and publicly acknowledge your team member for ideas you implement.
  • Focus on your team members strengths, but be a ​positive and constructive source to help them strengthen their weaknesses.
  • ​Celebrate victories together and use those celebrations as an opportunity to bring a social aspect to your team.

​Of course, you need to make sure your appreciation of your team members is genuine and they should feel truly valued. You should also make sure you're aware of all your team members and their accomplishments. Some team members are quieter and their contributions can go unrecognized. Be the leaders who sees and elevates all members of the team where it's deserved.

In the end, when you approach your leadership from a position of gratitude and appreciation, it comes back to you in productivity and appreciation of you as a leader.

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