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Join us for the Insider's Club (details below) and for a limited time, you can get access to this $77 List Building Power Pack with private label rights. It's not currently available on our site anywhere and the only way to get it is by joining the Insider's Club. 

Bonus Content Package

The List Building Power Pack Includes:

  • 10 lead magnet reports
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  • 10 ecover sets
  • And 10 x 10-day ecourses

In short, a TON of content to start growing and delivering content to your mailing list. Here are the topics and exactly what you'll find inside...

  • Communication for Leadership: Report, Ecover Set, Opt-in Page and 10-part Ecourse
  • Divorce / Single Parent: Report, Ecover Set, Opt-in Page and 10-part Ecourse
  • Money Management: Report, Ecover Set, Opt-in Page and 10-part Ecourse
  • Working with Others: Report, Ecover Set, Opt-in Page and 10-part Ecourse
  • Organization: Report, Ecover Set, Opt-in Page and 10-part Ecourse
  • Self-Confidence: Report, Ecover Set, Opt-in Page and 10-part Ecourse
  • Stress: Report, Ecover Set, Opt-in Page and 10-part Ecourse
  • Success Mindset: Report, Ecover Set, Opt-in Page and 10-part Ecourse
  • Think Big: Report, Ecover Set, Opt-in Page and 10-part Ecourse
  • Abusive Relationships: Report, Ecover Set, Opt-in Page and 10-part Ecourse

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About the Insider's Club…

Congratulations on saving a ton of time and money by grabbing your done-for-you content package. You've certainly made a wise choice and are well on the way to using one of the secret strategies of some of the most successful online marketers…us included because we're fans of done-for-you content ourselves.

As a provider of private label rights content since 2006, I take great pride in providing my customers quality content they can use to boost their reputation, grow their traffic, build their list and get more customers.

BUT…if there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's that many of my customers buy my content and do NOTHING with it. Or they don't use it to it's fullest potential.

That kinds of sucks.

But it doesn't have to be that way. If you need strategies for using your PLR content to:

  • Use it as blog content that grows your list and sells products
  • Create effective lead magnets that build highly targeted lists of buyers
  • Put together awesome products your customers can't wait to buy
  • Fill your social media with informative, inspiring and shareable content

…we're here to help you each step of the way.

Now of course, buying the content is one thing. Implementation is another and we're here to guide you each step of the way. That's why we've created our Direct Expert Access & Insider's Club, so you're able to make sure you stay on track, get feedback along the way and learn additional strategies to create additional products, more steady streams of income and more.

Here's what I, along with guest speaker and veteran lead-generation expert, Damon Greene, have cooking for you, but first…if you don't know us YET, keep reading…

With Over 32+ Combined Years Online Marketing Experience, We're Here to Guide You With What You Need to Grow Your Traffic, Build Your List and Sell More Products



I'm Alice Seba, owner of As I mentioned, I've been a done-for-you content provider since 2006 and a content marketing strategist for much longer.

I specialize in helping my customers build customer loyalty through the power of content. I've sold millions of dollars in content and have served over 20,000 customers and clients…and I'm so glad you're one of them.

As I previously mentioned, Damon Greene is also helping with this training. He is a sought after veteran lead generation expert and video marketing specialist who's been at it since 2001. He's someone who makes complicated technology simple, gives you the confidence and motivation to just get things done AND knows a thing or two about growing your targeted list of buyers.

Our skills are the perfect complement to each other to bring the best possible marketing advice and that's why…

We're Building the Direct Expert Access & Insider's Club From the Ground Up with You
And We Can't Wait to Get Started

It's an undeniable fact that it's better to learn and grow with the help of experts who have been there and done that, instead of on your own. When you've got an expertly led team to count on, it's easier to avoid mistakes, discover the strategies that really work and get to success much faster. That's exactly why we're building the lab and we'd be honored to have you join us as one of our charter members.

Here's what you can expect…

Included in the Lab

Unlimited Direct Expert Access:

You get access to reach us directly with your questions about using PLR and implementing a variety of marketing strategies. Have a simple question? Ask away. Hit a stumbling block somewhere along the way? We're here to help. Need to brainstorm ideas for your next lead magnet, product or launch? You got it.

Growing FAQ and Tutorial Library:

Receive full access to a growing library of answers to the questions asked. As we answer questions from the lab, this will turn into a huge source of knowledge and guidance for you as a member of the lab. From basic questions to high level strategy ideas, you can expect all bases to be covered.

Individualized Step-by-Step Help:

Become our case study and get individualized step-by-step help through a specific marketing strategy or the product creation process – whatever you need help with. We expertly guide you each step of the way in return for allowing us to share your progress with other students, so everyone can benefit. This is going to keep you motivated to reach your goal and ensure you're not missing any critical steps of the process.

Access to Our Case Study Library:

Access to case studies as our members complete their projects, so you can study the strategies and avoid the mistakes of others working toward the same goals as you. We'll show the things that went well, the things that didn't go so great and how they plan to improve in the future.

More Higher Level Training:

We'll also add more training programs, interviews and other handy resources designed to take your marketing strategies to a higher level and more. Stay tuned because you won't see a lot of this stuff elsewhere.

Spaces are Extremely Limited: Make Sure You Get One Before We Have to Close This

As you can imagine, we have to keep space in this group limited as we only have so much time available to answer questions, even though we absolutely love working with our students and ensuring their shorter path to success.

Select Your Value Option
to Secure Your Spot in the Insider's Club

You have a couple of options for joining us as an Insider's Club member. Choose the monthly option to give yourself a good chunk of time to get immersed in the strategies, get the feedback you need and then head out on your own, if you prefer. Or pay just a little bit more for the yearly access…giving you your best value.

Budget Option
$47 Per Month

Skip the Monthly Fees
& Pay Just $197 Per Year

If you're ready to get serious about growing your traffic, building your list and selling more products, do join us. It's not every day that you can get direct access to  step-by-step guidance at such a great price. Just make sure to get yours before it's too late.

Looking forward to working closely with you,

Alice, Trish, and the Publish for Prosperity Team
Your Partners in Getting It Done