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We're pleased to announce our brand new “Finding Clarity” 7-Day Email Challenge white label content pack that offers your readers a guided 7-day journey to achieve clarity so they can achieve their big goals in life. We've also included 7 in-depth blog posts/articles, a 29-page comprehensive report, 12-page "Finding Clarity" workbook, 2 editable ecover sets (4 designs total) with Canva templates, an opt-in page, and 10 editable inspirational quote graphics graphics in 3 popular sizes!

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Here’s a Quick Summary of What’s in This Package You Can Edit, Brand, Monetize, & Publish As Your Own:

  • 10-Part "Finding Clarity" Email Challenge Series: 10 conversational emails to guide your readers through the "Finding Clarity" 7-Day Email Challenge   Series includes initial 'Welcome' email, Day 1 - 3 emails/lessons, 'Mid-point Check In' email, Day 4 - 7 emails/lessons, and a final 'Wrap Up' message to help your audience take the all-important "Next Steps" after the challenge ends
  • 7 "Finding Clarity" Blog Posts/Articles (.docx) - These meaty articles provide more in-depth insight and actionable exercises that flow naturally from the email series. Publish on your blog and/or convert to video or audio formats to reach an even wider audience
  • "Finding Clarity" Report (29 pages, 8,594 words - .docx format) - We've compiled the blog posts/articles into a comprehensive report that you can give away or sell to your readers. Customize and convert this report to a PDF for an easy content upgrade to build your list OR offer it as a low-cost premium product for customers who prefer the convenience of getting all the lessons at once
  • "Finding Clarity" Workbook (12 pages, 1,263 words - .docx format) - Makes it super easy for your audience to follow along with the challenge and keep track of their progress. Use it to create an easy content upgrade or bundle with the report for premium product 
  • 2 Sets of Professionally Designed eCover Graphic Sets (Each Set Includes a Report + Workbook Cover): Make a great first impression with these gorgeous cover images. Each set includes jpg and png files, plus easy-to-edit Canva Templates that can be edited to create one-of-a-kind designs. (Each set of images includes a flat jpg file and five 3D images in png format)
  • Lead-Generating Opt-in Page: To make list building easier, we’ve included the opt-in copy and the WordPress-ready code
  • 10 Easy-to-Edit Canva Inspirational Quote Graphic Templates in 3 popular sizes: Landscape/banner, Square, and Story/Portrait. Each set Includes jpg files of each design, plus access links to the Canva templates for easy editing. Customize with desired links, logo, images, colors, and/or fonts to create totally unique and branded results

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Now let's take a closer look...

"Finding Clarity" 10-Part Email Series

Provide your readers with a series of bite-sized lessons and exercises over the course of the challenge with these pre-written emails. It really couldn't be any easier. Simply load them up in your autoresponder, add your personal stories, links, and/or promotions where we've highlighted for you, and start building your list on autopilot. 

This email series includes a Welcome message, Day 1 - 3 emails/lessons, Mid-Point Check In email, Day 4 - 7 emails/lessons, and a Wrap Up/Next Steps email.

Here is a quick look:

Finding Clarity 10-Part email series - composite marketing image

Please Note: Highlighted areas are where we add suggestions to customize this series to suit your audience and business goals.

"Finding Clarity" 7 Blog Posts/Articles 

These in-depth articles are adapted and expanded from the 7 Daily Challenge Emails so you can post them on your website, blog, or anywhere else you publish content. Use them to drive traffic to your email sign-up for the complete series and/or your downloadable content upgrades. Take it a step further and convert them to video or podcast scripts to expand your reach even further.

Article/Blog Post Titles Include:

  • Clarifying What Success Means to You (4 pages/1,157 words/.docx format)
  • Identifying & Overcoming Your Roadblocks (3 pages/1,066 words/.docx format)
  • Getting Clear About Which Ideas to Explore Further (4 pages/1,342 words/.docx format)
  • Turning Your Ideas into Achievable Goals (3 pages/825 words/.docx format)
  • Creating an Action Plan to Achieve Your Goals (7 pages/1,819 words/.docx format)
  • 10 Steps to Achieve Success (5 pages/1,429 words/.docx format)
  • Building and Maintaining Momentum (3 pages/949 words/.docx format)

Here's a closer look:

Finding Clarity 7-Day email challenge blog posts - composite marketing image

"Finding Clarity" Report
(29 pages/8,594 words/.docx format) 

We've compiled the individual blog posts listed above into a comprehensive, easy-to-download report. Edit and customize it as much as you'd like, then convert it into a PDF that you give away as free lead magnet or sell as a low-priced entry level product. Or combine it with additional resources for a more in-depth product to sell, add to your membership site, or offer as a bonus for your other courses or affiliate offers. 

Finding Clarity 7 Day Email Challenge Report composite marketing image

Promotional Cover Graphics with Easy-to-Edit Canva Templates

The "Finding Clarity" report comes with 2 sets of professionally designed cover graphics  easy-to-edit Canva Templates and ready-to-use JPG files. You'll receive 2 different designs with a flat image and 5 styles of 3D promotional graphics.

Finding Clarity 27-page report cover marketing composite image
Finding Clarity Editable Workbook eCover - v2

"Finding Clarity" Workbook

Make it easy for your readers to follow along with the Challenge lessons and keep track of their progress along the way. (12 pages/1,263 words/.docx format)

Finding Clarity Workbook composite marketing image
Finding Clarity Editable Workbook eCover - v1
Finding Clarity Workbook v2 marketing image

Promotional Cover Graphics with Easy-to-Edit Canva Templates

This planner comes with 2 sets of professionally designed ecovers. Includes easy-to-edit Canva Templates and ready-to-use jpg files - just add your website or business name. You'll receive a flat image, plus 5 styles of 3D promotional graphics.

Finding Clarity 27-page report cover (v2) marketing composite image
Finding Clarity Editable Workbook eCover - v1 - composite marketing image

Lead Generating Opt-In Page

Grow your list with this content quickly and easily with this opt-in copy and copy & paste WordPress-ready code

Finding Clarity optin page marketing image

10 Easy-to-Edit Canva Inspirational Quote Graphics in 3 Popular Sizes

Inspire your audience with these 10 carefully curated quotes related to finding clarity. You'll receive 30 jpg files (10 designs in 3 popular sizes: Landscape/Banner, Square, and Story/Portrait), plus access links to the Canva templates so you can customize each graphic to include your link, logo, images, colors, fonts, and more!

Finding Clarity Quote Graphics for Social Media - Story/Portrait - marketing composite

Story/Portrait (1080 x1920) Perfect for Facebook and Instagram stories

Finding Clarity Quote Graphics for Social Media - Square - marketing composite

Square images (2000 x 2000) Square graphics are very versatile and can be used on most social media platforms. These can easily be scaled to meet Instagram (1080x1080), Facebook, (1200x1200), and Pinterest square dimensions (1000x1000)

Finding Clarity Quote Graphics for Social Media - Landscape/Banner - marketing composite

Landscape/Banner(1200 x 630) graphics are ideal for Facebook, blog posts, and newsletters. They also scale closely to the current Instagram (1080 x 566), LinkedIn (1200 x 627), and Twitter (1024x512) requirements

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