Having Trouble Finishing Your Project or Book? Here Are Some Inspiration and Tips

Alice Seba and Vera Raposo Finish Your Project

I enjoyed a lovely afternoon ​recently with a very inspirational friend who just launched her book. You can read my Facebook post for more details and see why I find Vera so inspiring. 

I am bringing this up here on my site because she inspired me in another way...to get back to my book I started writing 3 years ago. In my 16 years of online entrepreneurship, I've written tons of content on marketing topics that I could have a book together this afternoon if I wanted. But what I started writing 3 years ago was more of a personal story about perseverance, living life on your own terms and bringing more love to the world (kind of like Vera's book actually...but packaged in a whole different life story).

So here's me saying​, I'll get back to that and release it.

But what about you? Do you have any projects or books ​that you're sitting on? If so, here are some tips you can use to finish them up, illustrated with one of our handy private label rights, done-for-you content packages. 

The Easy Way to Finish a Project: Use Private Label Rights (PLR) Content

​If you've been working on a project you've never finished, one of the EASIEST ways to get 'er done is through the use of private label rights content. It's a perfect way to fill out the content you've already created, add extra value and make your product even more useful.

If you'll indulge me, I'd like to illustrate this with our latest planner + report pack on the topic of boosting your confidence. But you can also find many similar packages on different topics right here.​

Just adding the planner can boost your product value dramatically. And since you have complete editing rights to the planner, you can change anything about it to suit your customer's needs.

TIP: If you're writing a book, using one of our planners are the PERFECT way to give your readers extra value. ​Inside your book, tell they can apply what they learned in your book by downloading their free planner. And how do they get the planner? Easy! They fill in a form on your website. They get the planner and you get a new subscriber!  ​WIN-WIN!

Confidence Planner with Private Label Rights

​Confidence Planner with Private Label Rights

​Or perhaps some of the topics in the report can be incorporated into a product or book you're creating that will make your customers a success. Here's a list of the topics in the report:

* Confidence and Body Language
* Confidence and Relationships
* Confidence and Decision Making
* Confidence and Perception
* Practical Ways to Build Confidence
* Energy and Confidence

NOTE: If you're selling on Kindle, they definitely frown on people posting private label rights content in its entirety. But if you've largely written your book and need to fill in some blanks, taking snippets of PLR is the perfect way to finish up. And of course, as mentioned in the tip above, ​using top quality PLR content as a free gift is a great way to get your book buyer back to your website and opting into your mailing list.

Confidence Report with Private Label Rights

​Confidence Report with Private Label Rights

​Once you've got the planner and report to work from, we've got a great upsell to ​all our report + planner packages (also value-priced). You'll see it after you purchase the planner + report pack and it includes a journal and a bunch of gorgeously designed and practical worksheet. SOOOOO much value you can add to a product or course these.

And again, you can edit anything you want about it. The cover, the color scheme, the quotes, add pages...whatever you want.

​And the worksheets...

There are 20 of them and you'll see all the subjects on the upsell page, but for the confidence package, a few include:

10 Things I Love About Myself Worksheet
20 Crazy Things to Try to Boost Your Confidence
Assertive Communication Worksheet
Banishing Negative Self-Talk Worksheet
Gratitude Worksheet to Build Confidence
Overcoming Your Fear Worksheet

​Start with the Confidence planner + report pack and then you can grab the rest of all this awesome content on the upsell page. Or again, you can see our full selection of done-for-you content that you can edit, brand, monetize and publish here

To your content publishing success,

Alice Seba

Alice Seba
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