Help Your Clients Follow Through
and Achieve Their Goals

Help Your Clients Follow Through and Achieve Their Goals

If you help your clients achieve their goals and improve their lives, follow through is always a big issue. Many people start with the best intentions, but fall flat when it comes to follow through. Many will begin, but stop as soon as the going gets tough.

Listen to the quick article on following through below and keep reading for tips on working with your clients. 

Following Through - Is It in You?

Some people can accomplish anything they set their mind to. They define what they want, and they go for it. They are highly driven people who get most of what they want out of life. Then, there are those who seem to be drifting and never get anything accomplished. These people seem to have a difficult time following through and often don’t get what they want.

People who struggle with following through may have a problem of getting bored too easily. They may even reach a milestone or two, but then the thrill is gone, and they move onto something else. It’s just the way they are. However, it can hold them back from being what they want or getting what they want out of life.

If you find yourself to be one that has difficulty following through, ask yourself why. You want to figure out what is holding you back from accomplishing your goals. If you truly have the passion, you may need to push harder than others who get things done easily. You may want to find others who can hold you accountable.

Be honest with yourself if you are like this. If it is true, then you may want to think twice about starting your own business, even if that is something you’ve wanted to do. If you start one, you are going to be put in a situation where you need to get things done, and you will need to know what needs to be done in the first place. If you truly have a desire to own a business, consider partnering with someone who has the capability of following through and you can each bring your skills to the table. 

There is nothing to feel bad about if you are faced with this situation. It is who you are and is part of your personality. Just know that you need to compensate for it in some way. You can do that by getting help from others or if some technology can help, use it.

The internet has made it quite easy to obtain the help you need. You can outsource many of the tasks that you may get bored with. This way, all you need to do is manage the outsourcers. If you struggle with even this task, you could outsource that as well. There are plenty of people who can manage projects online. The great part about this is if one person doesn’t work out as expected, you can easily find others who can step in.

Notes from Alice: How to Work with Your Clients

I believe it's possible to develop the skills of follow through. Sometimes it's a matter of discipline and overcoming fear of failure (or even fear of success) or just figuring out what is holding you back. But like the article above mentioned, sometimes it's who you don't always follow through. 

When I first started my online business, I was big on follow through. I started something and kept working until I was finished. But over time, I got tired of that, so I did exactly what the article above said...I compensated in other ways. I focused on coming up with ideas and hiring people to implement them. I love coming up with new product ideas, marketing plans, etc...but I had attending to all the small tasks, so now I have a team to do that. 

If your clients are having trouble following through, here are a few strategies you might employ:

  • Have them analyze why they don't follow through. Do they get upset at rejection? Are they frustrated when they hit a stumbling block? Do they feel they don't have enough time?
  • Once they know what is causing them to give up, they can look at a few solutions:
    • Learning to become more disciplined and ensure they follow through. Maybe they need to break tasks up into chunks, set a timer or something else that will keep them focused in smaller bursts. 
    • Find a way to compensate. Whenever my kids get upset about something and are ready to throw in the towel (this happens often), I ask them to stop for a moment and remember, "There is ALWAYS a solution to every problem." Adults sometimes need this reminder too. If they hit a stumbling block, can they take a break and then come back to do some research on how to get around it? If they feel they don't have time, can you help them evaluate where they can prioritize their time better?
    • If it's just fear holding them back, suggest they break up their goals into smaller chunks. So instead of saying they're going to launch a product or lose 50 pounds...break up those goals so that there are small milestones that are easy to reach. 

We all have our own strengths and weaknesses...and while we can work to improve ourselves in specific areas, sometimes it's just a matter of changing our focus and finding new ways to achieve what we set out to do. 

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