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We all know we need to be more involved in social media and we make all kinds of promises that we're going to post more regularly and get more involved. 

But then not much happens. 

One of the secrets to staying on top of your social media is having a plan, but you need to create and execute that plan for it to work. Well, the good news is we've already done if for you... 

Now all you have to do is download, brand, and get it out there!

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This Content is Super Easy to Use and Saves You Tons of Time and Money... So You Can Focus on Growing Your Business

This Done-for-You Content Bundle Includes:

This package is full of quality content you can use for your social media. And hey, if you want to use it in your newsletter, on your blog or anywhere else you publish content, GO FOR IT!

You get a 2-Page Document (.docx) with 30 Days of Social Media Posts: 

  • 10 Personal Development Conversation Starters - It's not always easy to get the conversation going on social media, but it's much easier when you've got 10 ready-to-publish conversation starters... and we've included a selection of 5 easy-to-edit Canva templates in 3 popular sizes, too. Get your audience thinking big about how they can improve their lives and they'll keep coming back for more. Each conversation starter consists of a thought-provoking question, designed to get your followers to reflect on themselves and take action.
  • 10 Personal Development Inspirational Quotes - People love to read and share thought-provoking quotes. We included 10 Personal Development quotes to make it super easy for you to share this kind of content with your followers. Plus, you'll receive a collection of 5 easy-to-edit Canva templates in 3 popular sizes. Use them "as is" or make them your own!
  • 10 Personal Development Tips - Show that you're a great source of advice by sharing helpful Personal Development tips. We've added 10 tips to this free sample pack. You can also repurpose these tips into blog posts, newsletter, videos scripts, or whatever you'd like. And, yep, we've included another 5 gorgeous Canva templates in 3 popular sizes for them, too! 

Now, Let's Talk About These FREE graphics... 

You'll Also Receive 45 FREE Easy-to-Edit Graphics with Canva Templates 

Includes 15 designs in 3 popular sizes. We took 5 of the conversation starters, 5 quotes, and 5 tips and created 15 gorgeous, professionally-designed graphics that you can load to social media, add to your blog posts, include in your newsletters, and more.  Just brand them with your URL and you're ready to go! 

This sample pack includes a total of 45 png images (15 unique designs in 3 different sizes):

  • 15 Landscape/Banner (1200 x 630 px)  Perfect for Facebook, blog posts, and newsletters. Plus, they also scale closely to the current Instagram (1080 x 566), LinkedIn (1200 x 627), and Twitter (1024x512) requirements
  • 15 Square (2000 x 2000 px) Square graphics are super versatile and can be used on most social media platforms. These can easily be scaled to meet Instagram (1080x1080), Facebook, (1200x1200), and Pinterest square dimensions (1000x1000)
  • 15 Story/Portrait (1080 x 1920) Perfect for Facebook and Instagram stories!

We've made is super easy for you to grab these images and get posting! Plus, we've also included super easy-to-edit Canva templates of all the graphics, so you can edit them as much as you'd like to match your brand. 

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We’ve Done All The Hard Work… 
Now It's Your Turn to Run with It

It would take plenty of time and investment to put all this together on your own… but you don’t have to. We’ve done the work for you and all you need to is publish the content and get it out there.

Grab it now for FOR FREE ($850 cost to create yourself), so you can save at least 11 hours of your valuable time and plenty of money to provide your readers with the information they’re looking for.

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