How to Calculate Your Hourly Worth and Increase It for More Freedom in Your Life

If you really want to know what your time is worth, this video shows you exactly how to do that. It also shows you how to stop wasting so much time and how to potentially increase your hourly worth, so that you can find more freedom in your life to do the things you love.

Here's an Excerpt from Our Minimize to Maximize Your Life Training:

Here’s an exercise that I think everyone should do. If you’re an entrepreneur, this is a really eye-opening opportunity to set yourself up for making a whole lot more money. If you’re an employee, you may be constrained by your salary, but if one of your goals is to improve your career…you have growth possibilities too.

As an employee making a certain amount, divide your salary by about 2000…which is the number of hours you work less a couple of week’s vacation. Or if you’re not working full time or have more vacation, make those adjustments in how you calculate. So if you make $75K per year, you earn roughly about $37.50 per hour.

So that means when you look at a lot of things you do in your life, you can see that you may be wasting time and not leveraging your hourly worth to the fullest.

For example, if you spend 2 hours going to the grocery store, shopping for groceries, coming home and bringing groceries to your house, you might be better off ordering online and having someone bring the groceries to your home.

Or carrying on with the grocery store example, if you take time to scan flyers to see which stores have the best deal and you end up splitting up your shopping experience…consider the time you’re putting into all of that.

Of course, you need to evaluate what is most important for you…TIME or MONEY. You also need to consider whether you tend to spend more money than you have…because if you do, it’s going to be a lot harder for you to make these time over money saving decisions. Well, at least until you have decluttered your life and you find yourself spending less. THEN these types of decisions will be easier for you to make.

Now, if you’re an entrepreneur, this determining your hourly worth is a good tool for actually INCREASING your worth. You can do the same exercise and decide how much you make per hour on average by looking at your earnings over the last year or so. Of course, you want to make more per hour, so set a goal.

Let’s say you average about $25 per hour when you calculate how many hours you put into your business (many entrepreneurs go well beyond the 40 hours). You can do the same daily decisions…on groceries. Or if you’ll drive further to save a bit more on gas. Or if you’re going to bake a cake for a party or buy one.

But you can also strategically plan how to earn more. To start with, you should start outsourcing any tasks you can hire someone to do for $25 per hour or less. That could be answering customer emails, writing content, simple bookkeeping, tons of stuff. As you outsource those items, you tend to focus on the higher level activities of your business like planning, marketing, etc..those tasks that actually make you money. As you do this more and more, you’ll earn more.

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