​How to Cash in on the Journal Craze - Part 1
​What Kind of Journals Should You Sell?

Sell Journals for Profit

Journals are very useful to anyone who wants to record gratitude, change something about themselves, or learn something new. People in all walks of life and all genders get a lot out of journaling. They learn to be happy, they lose weight, or they get deep insight into something that was troubling them. You can cash in on this by creating and selling your own journals for big profits.

The only thing you need to get started is a new angle or topic that will be in demand from your audience. Remember that while there may be journals out there already, your design isn’t out there yet. Your design might make all the difference for your audience because it will be designed with them in mind and not the mass market. You want to make something that speaks to your audience and gives them a place to dream.

To come up with topics for your journal to sell to others ask yourself the following questions:

Who is Your Audience?

Understanding who your audience is will help you come up with angles for the topic and design of your journal. Perhaps you work with an audience who loves essential oils, you could use that as the basis of your design. Maybe your audience likes to color. You could use that as the basis too and create a coloring book along with matching that with the issues your audience may need a journal for.

What Problems Does Your Audience Have?

Every audience has a problem, and you have the solution. Therefore, starting with their problems, you can come up with journal designs that reflect these issues and speak to the audience in their language about their problems. For example, if your audience has joined your coaching program to help them learn to speak in public the journal can be about that topic, giving quotes, inspiration, and guidance for them to get their talk together. It doesn’t only have to be about writing down whatever you want. It can lead to something.

Which Problems Can Be Solved Through Journaling?

So many problems can be solved with journaling. For example, writer’s block. A good journal with information about curing writer’s block and writing prompts to write directly in the journal could solve their problem. If they’re writing in their journal they don’t have writer’s block because they’re writing. This is what’s amazing about journals. You can create them for literally any topic and any niche.

What Type of Journals Do You Like?

If you happen to be part of your own niche, then you’re set. Look through other journals. Take notes about what you like and don’t like about them. Collect some ideas that you do like so that you can transform them into your own idea that works for your audience. With the right art work, space for writing, and inspiration you’ll be able to create just the right journal for your audience. If you’re not in your own niche try surveying them about journaling to find out what they like.

The great thing about creating journals to sell is that each journal isn’t really that much work. A journal mostly consists of bank space for your customers to write in. The rest is just design, art, and inspiration in the form of quotes, prompts, and images.

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