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104-Page Leadership Journal

Give your readers a beautiful place to jot down their thoughts each day. The journal includes affirmations and writing prompts to guide them including…

  • Write about a time when you didn’t want to lead a group and why not
  • When I think about the leaders who influenced me most, I think of
  • Write about a time when getting the group to work together was very challenging
  • Remember when you were a new team member.  Explain how you felt and what the team leader did to help you feel that you were accepted
  • Developing team member's skills is important.  A few things I do to encourage this are
  • In order to see things from the teams perspective I
  • When a project or major task is completed, we celebrate in one of the following ways
  • I am respected as a leader and seen as a peer.  I maintain this fine balance by
  • As a leader, I need to develop the following skills because

Promotional Cover Graphics with Editable PSD

This professionally designed cover comes in PNG/JPG and PSD format. You get a flat document graphic and 4 styles of a 3d promotional graphic too.

20 Pack of High-Value Leadership Printables 

20 beautifully-designed printable worksheets (47 pages / 9,328 words) to give your readers the tools they need to gain confidence in their leadership skills in 20 different areas. These are perfect for use with the Developing Leadership Skills Report, they could be individual opt-in offers or they could be the beginnings of individual training programs you can create on these topics.

Thought-Provoking and Action-Inspiring Printable Topics Include:

  1. 50 Leadership Affirmations
  2. Leadership Qualities Self-Evaluation
  3. 25 Ways to Build Confidence in Your Team Checklist
  4. 25 Ways to Build Your Influence Checklist
  5. Understanding Effective Leadership Skills
  6. Discovering Your Leadership Style Quiz
  7. Effective Communication for Leaders Worksheet
  8. S.M.A.R.T Goals for Your Team
  9. Leaders in American History and Your Leadership Style
  10. Team Goals Worksheet
  11. Effective Phrases for Leaders Chart
  12. Conflict Resolution Worksheet
  13. Empowering Others Worksheet
  14. Empathy Worksheet
  15. Leadership Myths Chart
  16. Becoming a Leader in Your Community Worksheet
  17. Developing Your Resilience Worksheet
  18. A Leader’s Reading List
  19. Turning the Negative into Positive Worksheet 
  20. Identifying Your Leadership Values Worksheet

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