Our Love Affair with Stuff and How Materialism Actually Sabotages Your Success

Most of us live in a materialistic world that tells us we need stuff. We need stuff not only for personal satisfaction and entertainment, but for status and societal expectations. All that results in spending way too much money and having too many things we’re responsible for. Because the more responsibility you have, the more STRESS you’re going to have…and the more expenses you’ll have over time due to the need for maintenance, etc.

It really is a vicious cycle.

Here's an Excerpt from Our Minimize to Maximize Training That Addresses This Issue…

Let's look at how this plays out in our lives and how it can really sabotage our success, peace of mind and happiness.

For example, if you have a house and a yard…you’ve got to keep everything maintained. That’s a lot of work…plus equipment and services you’ll need to pay for over time. Of course, if that is a priority to you, by all means…I’m not going to try to change your mind…but it’s something to be conscious of.

Add to that, think about how these added stresses affect your relationship and other areas of your life if you're worried about money and too busy to do other things.

Last year, I personally went from homeowner to proud condo dweller and I absolutely love it. I no longer have to clean (or have a housekeeper clean) 3000 square feet of space. I don’t have to worry about a lawn. I also don’t have all that extra space to bring more stuff into. Now I have to think about all my purchases and decide if I really need them.

And then think about all the toys and status symbols we accumulate. Maybe you have a boat that you planned to use every weekend, all summer, but you don’t and you still have to maintain it. Maybe your kids convinced you that pool was a great idea, not realizing just how much work they really are.

In my apartment, we have a tennis court, pool, golf simulator, gym and all kinds of stuff I can use when I want and other than monthly fees that are shared among residents, I have NO responsibilities to maintain it.

Again, not trying to convince you, but trying to give you a new perspective. Think about all the STUFF in your life that gives you stress. Is it worth it?

For me, the stuff isn’t worth it and I’ve learned to focus on experiences. They don’t create clutter (avoid the souvenirs!!!) and they are even more life enriching. Living in apartment has allowed me to travel more and go off and do whatever I feel like…almost anytime I feel like it. And sure, travel can be expensive…but when you clear out the stuff and ongoing expenses in your life, you have more money. Plus, we’re going to talk about your hourly worth shortly and you’ll see more room for improvement there.

How you experience life is up to you. It might be travel. It might be pampering yourself. It might be enjoying concerts, culinary experiences or the theatre. It doesn’t matters…it’s up to you how you enrich your life. Yoga classes, martial arts, art classes…whatever.

And think about it. That boat you wanted and have to keep paying for to upkeep gives you just one experience and you probably aren’t having that experience as much as you’d planned. Think about how much more variety of experiences you can have with the same amount of money…or less!

But I get it, we want to look good. We’ve worked hard and we want to show our worth with our beautiful home and toys. That’s something that’s hard to let go of, but the less you care what other people think, the happier you’re going to be.

And think about it, who is the person you’d be more interested in talking to? Someone who has all the toys or someone who gets out there and does stuff and shares their experiences. You know it’s the latter. Opt to be an interesting person, rather than a status symbol.

And let’s talk about another added benefit to experiencing stuff…you’re more likely to be active and healthy. Of course, if your experiences are traveling the country to find the best fried culinary delights, that may work against you. But my point is you become a whole person who can choose an activities that are good for your brain and body…all without adding extra burdens to our lives.

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