How to Get More Results from the Internet Marketing Products That You Buy

Recently, as we closed out Best Sellers Summit, long after close with still over 100 people hanging out in the webinar room…I told a story about taking action when you hire someone with expertise to teach you something.

I encourage you to listen to the video above to get that story because if you're spending money on marketing education and coaching and NOT getting the results you want, this is FOR YOU. Take a few moments to watch. 

And this story resulted in me doing a 5 minute stand-up routine, that you can see below. If I hadn't faithfully listened to what my stand up comedy teacher said and applied everything without question or second guessing, I may not have made it to this newbie comedian moment. Only about 20% of the class did.

Watch the video above first and see if it inspires you to get a better return on your investment on Internet marketing products you buy. Then check out my stand up routine below.

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