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My Habit Tracker 91 Page Journal 

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Give your readers a beautiful place keep track of their habits each day. This 91 page journal comes in .docx and fillable PDF formats. It includes inspirational quotes, affirmations, and writing prompts to guide your readers on their journey…

  • Prompt: Name 3 things that are going well for you right now
  • Affirmation: Day by day I let go of negativity and embrace positivity 
  • Prompt: What makes a habit good or bad?
  • “Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.”  ~ Abraham Lincoln
  • Prompt: Write a list of positive encouragement for days when you feel down or unmotivated

Here's a closer look at a few interior pages:

breaking negative habits journal inside preview

Here's an overview of all 91 pages:

Breaking Negative Habits Journal interior pages preview

Promotional Cover Graphics with Easy-to-Edit Canva Templates

These professionally designed ecovers come in png format and include easy-to-edit Canva templates. You'll receive a flat document graphic and 5 styles of 3D promotional graphics, as well.

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"Breaking Negative Habits" Workbook (5 pages/ 339 Words)

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Give your readers a special place to work through questions and prompts that will help them break the negative habits that are holding them back, while they build better, more positive ones (includes .docx and fillable PDF formats). 

Same questions and prompts include:

  • What are the negative habits you'd like to break (in order of importance)?
  • Starting with negative habit #1 above... why is it important that you break this habit? What made you decide it is time for a change?
  • What positive impact do you envision when you let go of this habit?
  • What actions can you take to recover from a setback?
  • List some ways you can celebrate making progress toward your goal?
breaking negative habits workbook interior composite view

Promotional Cover Graphics with Easy-to-Edit Canva Templates

These professionally designed ecovers come in png format and include easy-to-edit Canva templates. You'll receive a flat document graphic and 5 styles of 3D promotional graphics, as well.

breaking negative habits workbook ecover composite image

10 "Breaking Negative Habits" PLR Articles

Articles for your blog, social media channels, newsletters, and more! Topics include:

  • Breaking Free from Negative Patterns: Ideas for Meeting Your Needs in Healthy Ways (639 words)
  • Overcoming Temptation: Creative Solutions for Common Bad Habits (510 words)
  • Finding Healthy Coping Strategies for Common Bad Habits (624 words)
  • Finding Your Way to Positive Habits: Creative Solutions for Common Challenges (824 words)
  • From Bad Habits to Good Habits: Simple Strategies for Change (587 words)
  • Overcoming Temptation: How to Choose Positive Actions (516 words)
  • The Benefits of Creating Good Daily Habits (563 words)
  • The Negative Consequences of Bad Habits (566 words)
  • The Power of Mindful Decision-Making (545 words)
  • What Are Positive Habits? (489 words)
breaking negative habits 10 PLR articles

10 Pack of High-Value Personal Growth Printables  

10 printables to give your readers the tools they need to break the negative habits that are holding them back. These are perfect to use with the workbook, as individual opt-in offers or as part of an individual training programs.

breaking negative habits printables with plr rights

10  Thought-Provoking & Inspiring "Breaking Negative Habits" Printables

  •  25 Inexpensive Rewards for a Job Well Done
  • My Bad Habit Analysis
  • Consequences Worksheet
  • Creating a New Habit Worksheet
  • Decision Making Worksheet
  • Replacement Habit Worksheet
  • Habit Tracker
  • Daily Goals
  • Weekly Goals
  • Monthly Goals

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