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Here is a quick summary of what's included...

  • 48 Ready-to-Go Newsletters (.doc):  You get 48 ready-to-go newsletters (.doc format you can turn into a PDF) each including 3 attractive designs to choose from. You can customize the newsletters with your logo, photo and other branding elements. There is space for product promotions, so you can monetize your newsletters. You can send the newsletters as is or swap out with the other content we've made available in the package.
  • 192 Articles (.txt): Each newsletter already comes with 2 articles inside, but we've included extra articles in each months pack, so you can choose different articles if you prefer. You can also use the content to create additional issues, post it to your blog, add it to social media or publish it wherever you'd like.
  • 96 Inspirational and Eye-Catching Quotes Graphics (JPG / PSD): some are included in the newsletter, but you get extras and all the files (PSD included too) to use on social media, on your blog and more.
  • 96 Positive Affirmations Quotes Graphics (JPG / PSD): Help your subscribers better themselves through these positive affirmations. these are inside the newsletters, but you get extras and all the files (PSD included for editing, if you want) to use on social media or wherever you'd like.

Let's take a closer look...


A Year's Worth of Newsletters (48 total in different designs)

Here's an example of what you will get in Month 1 of the 12 packs

Each newsletter is in .doc format includes a message from the editor, 2 articles and space for your product promotions and special offers. Turn it into a PDF and you've got a high value newsletter product you can send by email or even print out. 

In each month there are 4 different newsletters with 3 designs to choose from and you can change the content as much as you want, brand with your photo and logo…and even monetize the newsletter as much as you'd like.

Here is a peek inside:


The 12 Packs also include…

192 Inspirational and Eye-Catching Quotes Graphics

Here is a peek at some of the quote graphics you will get. Add these to the newsletters or use them on social media, on your blog and more (PSD included too).


192 Positive Affirmations Quotes Graphics

Here are just some of the positive affirmations included! Add these to the newsletters or use them on social media, on your blog and more (PSD included too).

192 Articles

This package includes a total of 192 articles, so if you want to swap out some topics in the newsletters, you have options available. Here are SOME of the topics included (the first three months):

  • Crush Your Fear and Be More Outgoing in Your Life
  • How Your Attitude Affects Your Performance
  • Being More Assertive When You Are Shy
  • Using Goals to Improve Productivity
  • Bring More Optimism Into Your Life
  • Learning to Forgive
  • Simple Ways to Become More Accountable
  • Things Influential People Do Regularly
  • Effective Ways to Become Persistent
  • Things You Must Do to Be Successful In Life
  • Tips for Avoiding Burnout
  • Tips to Help You Manage Anxiety
  • Tips to Organize Your Work Life
  • Ways to Become More Grateful
  • Ways to Improve Your Sleep Quality
  • Why Strong Adult Relationships Make Your Life Better
  • How to Define What Success is For You
  • Real Life Benefits of Visualization
  • How to Stop Procrastinating
  • Train Your Subconscious Mind to Improve Your Life
  • Ways to Boost Creativity Anytime
  • Ways to Master Self Discipline
  • The Key to A Happy Life
  • When Working Hard Isn't Enough
  • 8 Revealing Body Language Clues
  • How to Be More Proactive in Life
  • How to Work Smarter and Increase Productivity
  • Tips for Building Relationships that Work
  • 8 Negotiation Skills You Should Know
  • How Can I Be More Charismatic
  • The Key to Manifesting a Good Life
  • The Most Effective Way to Break Bad Habits
  • 7 Ways to Set Up a Successful Atmosphere
  • 8 Ways to Understand People Better
  • 9 Effective Ways to Boost Wisdom
  • 10 Tips for Improving Your Work
  • How Can You Become a Good Mentor
  • How Words Affect Your Whole Life
  • Steps to Unleashing Your Creativity
  • The Keys to Teamwork

and that is just the first three months worth seriously you have so many options with these articles! 

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