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Newsletter Templates

These are Ready-Made Newsletters Providing You With a Month's Worth of Content for You to Share with Your List.
Just Grab Them and Go! 

We all know the money is in the list…but there's one big obstacle that can keep you from getting that money and that's keeping in touch with and nurturing your list, but great news! It's easier than you might think. Just keep in touch regularly, all the while delivering great content and advice.

And it's even EASIER because we've ALREADY made the newsletters for you. All you do is grab 'em and then brand, monetize and publish.

I'm Alice Seba and I've been publishing private label rights content since 2006. I'm pleased to announce our “Done-for-You Monthly Personal Development Newsletter Club” that will give you a month's worth of newsletters to send to your subscribers – each and every month.

This Content is Easy to Use and Saves You Plenty of Time and Money...While You Grow Your Business

Quality Content Created by Our In-House Writers

Professionally Designed Graphics and Pages to Get You Started

Fully Editable and Brandable Content for Your Business

Easy to Use. Just Download, Edit and Publish Your Content

Sell the Content or Publish it as Free Content. You Choose.

Keep 100% of the Profits. This is Your Content. 

Here’s a Quick Summary of What You Get in Your Monthly Newsletter Club Pack. It's Enough Content for the Entire Month...Every Month

This package is full of quality content you can use each week for your newsletters. And hey, if you want to use it on your blog, on social media or anywhere else you publish content, GO FOR IT! You get...

4 Done-for-You Newsletters in 3 Unique Designs
You'll get 4 done-for-you newsletters with 3 attractive designs to choose from.

16 Ready-to-Publish Articles

Choose from 16 different articles to use in your newsletters.

Newsletter Articles All

8 Inspirational Quote Graphics
Add these quote graphics to the newsletters for inspiration. JPG and PSDs are included. 

Quote Graphics

8 Positive Affirmation Graphics
Add these affirmation graphics to the newsletters for inspiration. JPG and PSDs are included. 

Affirmation Graphics

Now let's take a closer look at everything…

4 Done-for-You Newsletters in 3 Unique Designs Monthly

You'll get 4 done-for-you newsletters (.docx format they can turn into a PDF) with 3 attractive designs to choose from. You can customize the newsletters with your logo, photo and other branding elements. There is space for product promotions, so you can monetize your newsletters. You can send the newsletters as is or swap out with the other content we've made available in the package.

Newsletters All

Here is a peek inside the designs:

16 Ready-to-Publish Articles Monthly

Each newsletter already comes with 2 articles inside, but we've included a total of 16 articles, so you can choose different articles if you prefer. You can also use the content to create additional issues, post it to your blog, add it to social media or publish it wherever you'd like.

Newsletter Articles All


8 Inspirational Quote Graphics Monthly

Add these quote graphics to the newsletters for inspiration or you can use them on social media, on their blog and more. JPG and PSDs are included. 

Quote Graphics

8 Positive Affirmation Quote Graphics Monthly

Add these affirmation graphics to the newsletters for inspiration or you can use them on social media, on your blog and more. JPG and PSDs are included. 

Affirmation Graphics

This Content Isn't JUST for Newsletters. Here are a Few Brilliant Ideas to Make the Most of Your Content

Smart content publishers don't just use content once…they reuse and repurpose all day long. This is the kind of content you can use over and over again. Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Schedule the graphics to your social media. If you use a tool like Hootsuite or even the Facebook Page scheduling feature, you're good to go.
  • Load the articles to your blog. BAM! Tons of great thought-provoking content. Just add a little intro and you're ready to roll.
  • Use a content rotator widget on your WordPress site and load graphic content in. Then you can show the quotes and affirmations in your sidebar or wherever you'd like to give your readers a bit of encouragement. 
  • How about a desktop calendar with an inspirational affirmation or quote on it? It could be a real printed calendar or even for their computer desktop.
  • Create videos for YouTube and your blog. You can summarize the articles in a video to repurpose the written content.
  • Turn the graphics into a slide show. This one is so easy. Just add some graphics, maybe a little music and you're good to go.
  • More printables! Think magnets, mugs and tshirts. Use the graphics on products for sale, bonuses or special gifts for your customers. 

Use just one of these ideas and you've got yourself a ton more content to share with your audience. 

And Hey, When You Sign Up Right Now, You'll Get the “Double Your Content” Sign Up Bonus Too
Newsletter Bonuses

Just for trying us out, new members will double their content. In addition to what you get above, you will also receive:

  • 4 More Newsletters
  • 16 More Articles. Topics Include:
    • Law of Attraction Exercises to Really Get What You Want
    • Learning to Trust Your Emotions
    • Are You Setting the Right Goals for Yourself
    • How to Prioritize Your Goals
    • Are You Too Dependent on Your Smartphone
    • How to Be Ruthless with Time
    • Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children
    • The Importance of Humility in Parenting
    • Committing Yourself to Positive Actions
    • Do You Need Money to Be Happy
    • Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
    • How to Organize Your Life to Get More Free Time
    • Learn to Say No
    • Low Impact Living – What Is it
    • The Problem with Too Much Information
    • What is Information Overload
  • 8 More Quote Graphics
  • 8 More Positive Affirmation Graphics
  • Lead-Generating Opt-in Page: To help you grow your list with this content, we’ve included the opt-in copy and the WordPress-ready code. We even host the images!

We've Done All The Hard Work… You Just Have to Take This Content and Run with It

Imagine how much time and effort we've saved you in getting all these ready-to-publish content for you to send to your list, social media and more. Let's take a look at all that's involved with putting together this content on your own… [wpsm_comparison_table id=”81″ class=””]

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”84″ class=””]

As you can see, it would take plenty of time and investment to put all this together on your own…but you don't have to. We've done the work for you and all you need to is publish the content and get it out there.

Grab it now for only $24.97 $19.95 per month ($2000 / monthly cost to create yourself) for your private label rights license, so you can save at least 29 hours of time EACH month and plenty of money to provide your readers with the information they're looking for. Or hey, save and get tons more content by choosing the $247 $197 per year option.

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To your content publishing success,

Alice Seba

Alice Seba
Your Partner in Easy Content Publishing

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