Would You Like To Break Into A New Niche?

Struggling to hit the next level or figure out how to break into a new area or niche?

Leverage the resources you have!

I know we all dread the friends that join a multi-level marketing company and you know they're going to come calling because they are ALSO told to leverage their resources...which includes friends and family. 

Well, you can still do this without being an annoying pest and calling on the unwilling. 

Now you probably have a unique situation and you'll need to brainstorm what resources you already have and how you can leverage them, but for example, you could...

Organize an online event (or when it's okay again, in person) where you can call on your associates to donate prizes, share their expertise and/or promote your event, in return for you promoting them. Fun events...especially ones for good causes...can help you solidify the those connections, expand your reach AND allow you to do some really good work helping others. 

Or instead of trying to troll your contacts for new customers, give them your products for free and ask if they would give you their feedback or even write a review (without obligation). 

To figure out what you could do, make a long list of the resources you have. 

Write down the names of colleagues, affiliates, friends, your subscribers, your customers, anyone. 

Beside each person, list what their resources are that you could benefit from. 

But then, more importantly, list what they NEED and how you could possibly help them. 

Then come up with a plan to make it happen, always leading authentically with what's in for them. 

Do you need help brainstorming your resources and how you can leverage them? The comments are below is yours.

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