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The Amazing Power of Daily Routine Report

In this guide you'll discover how to reduce stress, improve sleep and generally better your life with a daily routine. 

My Daily Routine Planner:

Help your readers stay keep routine and track their daily progress with this gorgeous customized planner.

Daily Routine Planner image

2 Professionally Designed Ecover Graphic Sets:

Make a great first impression with these gorgeous cover images. We've also included 4 different styles of 3D graphics in JPG format, plus an editable PSD that you or your designer can edit as much as you'd like.

Daily Routine Report Ecovers
Daily Routine Planner Ecovers

Lead-Generating Opt-In Page:

To help you grow your mailing list of potential buyers with this content, we’ve designed the opt-in page to help to make it easy. If you use WordPress, we've even created the copy-and-paste code for you, but you can still use the copy with any web page builder.

Daily Routine Optin

20 Daily Routine Social Media Graphics
We've also included 20 graphics with inspirational quotes to inspire your followers to improve their daily routine so they can improve their lives and achieve their goals.  

Daily Routine SM Images

Or keep reading for full details...

We've also included 20 graphics with inspirational quotes to inspire your followers to become better people.

Now let's take a closer look at everything….

The Amazing Power of Daily Routine Report
(3,455words/10 pages)

If you’re looking to live a happier, more satisfying life, a daily routine is important. Within this report, you'll discover how a daily routine could be the key to finding happiness, reducing stress and improving your sleep.  Have your readers use the suggestions in this report to help them improve their lifestyle, so they can achieve their goals and live a more satisfying life.

Daily Routine Report

Here is a peek inside:

daily routine report

Promotional Cover Graphics with Editable PSD

This professionally designed cover comes in PNG/JPG and PSD format. You get a flat document graphic and 4 styles of a 3D promotional graphic too.

Daily Routine Report Ecovers

Ecovers Included

Lead-Generating Opt-In Page

To help you grow your list with this report, we've included the opt-in copy…and even created the WordPress-ready code for you.  Just fill in the blanks with your own information, autoresponder opt-in code and you're ready to roll.

Daily Routine Optin

My Daily Routine Planner
380 pages)

This planner will give your readers the opportunity to keep track of and work on a routine that works best for them.  It gives them a full year of space for planning daily strategies, resources needed to implement strategies and more.

Daily Routine Planner image

Here is a peek inside:

routine planner

Promotional Cover Graphics with Editable PSD

This professionally designed cover comes in PNG/JPG and PSD format. You get a flat document graphic and 4 styles of a 3D promotional graphic too.

Daily Routine Planner Ecovers

Ecovers Included

20 Daily Routine Social Media Graphics

We've also included 20 professionally-designed and inspirational graphics that you can load to social media, add to your blog posts or even include in your newsletters. Brand them with your URL and more. You get the JPG for quick posting and we've also included PSDs of all the graphics, so you can edit them as much as you'd like.

Daily Routine SM Images


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Lead-Generating Opt-in Page Copy (.doc and copy-and-paste WordPress code) 1 Hour $75
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20 Professionally Designed Social Media Graphics 4 Hours $500

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