Stop Looking For The Next Shiny Object 

Let's have some real talk.
I talk to people who tell me a variation of this aspiring entrepreneurial story all the time…
“I have spent so much money trying different programs and nothing seems to work.”
If you've said any version of this, I want you to succeed…so let me tell you a LIE you tell yourself.
First things first. STOP spending money on courses, programs. etc. You probably ALREADY have enough on your hard drive to become a success many times over.
While I'm sure there may be some duds in the programs you bought, most of them (if not all) probably work…if you do the work.
When you're so busy jumping around, you are just filling your head with knowledge, but you aren't applying it in any way that allows for your success.
I will be completely honest with you, starting an online business in 2020 is WAY harder than it was when I started in 2002…so you're probably going to have to work harder (well, smarter. – let me help you with that smart piece).
It may take some time to find your niche. To discover who your ideal target audience. And what products you will sell.
But the great thing that hasn't changed about the Internet is that you can experiment, throw things at the wall and it doesn't have to cost a lot, but if you learn from those experiences and adapt, you will have an invaluable education that leads to remarkable results.
You can connect with us inside the Facebook group. It doesn't cost you a thing to get some feedback and advice. Stop looking for the next shiny object. Use the resources and connections you've got.
So tell me…how can I help you?

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To your great success,
Alice Seba
Alice Seba
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