I Dropped All Social Media Unless It Serves A Very Specific Purpose

I decided to drop all social media for my business, unless it serves a very specific purpose.

For those who have known me for a long time, you might know I was a late adopter of social media and I like to take my time to know how something is going to GROW my business before embarking.

And that I always say content should serve a purpose. 

But over time, I fell into the "have to" post mentality and got into posting for posting's sake instead of having a PURPOSE. Like so many people do. 

But I feel that's a big misuse of time, energy and resources...and of those who work for me. 

We had a discussion about in the comments of a previous post, but I think many business owners use social media backward. We think we have to be in there to find our audience, so we can get them to our site to buy our products. 

Instead, I look at it (and somehow started to forget) as an EXTENSION of my business. I want customers, first and foremost...so I focus on the most effective ways to get customers. Not just throwing out content, hoping people will like it and eventually visit my website. 

So this means that, for now, this is what remains...

My Facebook Groups which are designed to keep in touch with my existing affiliates, building a connection with and helping my business. Yes, new people come along for the ride and then may be funnelled back to my business, but the focus is on serving those I already have, so we can maintain a long term business relationship. 

Using social media as an advertising platform...and often to target people who have already visited my website or purchased my products. But of course, to find new customers too because this is an effective commercial way to use social media. 

We're also starting to use Instagram to keep tabs on our community, so we can see and showcase their work. So in this case, I see it as a connecting opportunity, rather than a broadcasting one. 

And of course, the personal part of my Facebook is a communication tool for me to connect and stay in contact with other online business owners, affiliates, etc. I use Messenger more than email.

And for the dog niche, I use Instagram in a similar way because that’s where all the cute dogs hang out!

I'm sure I'll add more in as soon as I discover the purpose, so I can leverage everything more effectively.

How do you use social media?

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Alice Seba
Alice Seba
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