On Creating Legacy – Some Thoughts

Creating a legacy. 

I grow my business, not only to support my family in the present moment and in the future but more importantly, to show them the possibilities of living life on your own terms. 

This is my daughter and me, in Paris, in 2019.  Despite all the amazing memories, this is probably my favorite photo from the trip. 

She's 12 now and is currently studying at home, rather than going to school. She doesn't want to go to school because she just doesn't want to go to school (typical, I'm sure), but I remind her, she's at home because I feel her safety is more important right now and I just simply don't think that formal school is that important over everything else. 

And it's been a challenge, but one I'm taking seriously because if there's one thing I want to teach my children is that you have obligations in life, but there is no reason you can't fulfill them on your own terms and create the life you want in the process. 

Some of the things we've been talking about…

Managing your time. If you have something you want to do on a Monday, but you're supposed to be working, you have the freedom to get that work done the day before, so you can do what you want. 

Creating your own process where it makes sense and still makes sure you fulfill your obligation. I always loved reading, but when it's reading out of obligation, I learned to skim to find the answers and dig deeper when I needed more detailed answers. 

Learning and developing the skills you want. Our teachers and our employers want specific things from us…and we definitely benefit from learning to please others as required. But the biggest benefits come from learning to please yourself and explore new ideas, knowledge and skills, so you can become exactly what you want to be. 

Jump through hoops where you have to. Create your own hoops the rest of the time.

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Alice Seba
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