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Don’t Let Procrastination Get In Your Way of the New Year

Don't Let Procrastination Get In the Way

of Your New Year

Don't let procrastination get in your way of getting things done.

A lot of people put a lot of stock into a new year by making resolutions on things they will do differently. And of course, the new year and their resolutions do motivate some people ... even if for only a while. But like most other years that motivation soon wears off and it is back to the same old ways, habits, disappointments and broken promises. Others can't get going at all. If anything, they procrastinate about getting things done more in the new year then they did in the old one.

The New Year Dilemma

So what is it about a new year that is so different? Isn't it just another day in a calendar that started around 440 years ago? That is a lot of new years come and gone! 

As each new year starts, each of us has 365 days to get things done ... that's a LOT of time. So much can and will happen in that time for a lot of people. Good things. Bad things. All of it. For others though, it will be the same game of spinning their wheels trying to get something started, but just not getting there.

Stop the Procrastination

Each new moment is an opportunity. An opportunity to work, to rest, to just be still, to move, to have fun or anything we want. There will be ups and downs and what we want to accomplish may not fit into a day, week, or even a year. And one thing is for certain, nothing will get accomplished unless you start doing something. And if you have procrastinators in your audience, there is no better time than now to help them get started working on those long overdue tasks. 

And you can help them get started with our Stop the Procrastination and Get Things Done value ekit over on our sister site EKitHub.com.

In this exciting printable kit find ...

  • A 15-page report  
  • A worksheet and checklist 
  • A newsletter 
  •  5 poster-size graphics 
  • A 365-day planner and 72-page journal  
  • 36-card "Procrastinator's Challenge" card deck. 
  • 5 Coloring Pages

Publish With Purpose

The key thing to remember with all content that you publish is to have a PURPOSE. If you know WHY you are publishing it (and how that why should benefit both you AND your customers) that will guide you to use this content more effectively. And with this ekit, you have everything you need to start and ANTI-PROCRASTINATION campaign for your audience!   

I hope this generated some good purposeful ideas for you on how to help your audience overcome procrastination not only in the new year but anytime they are feeling bogged down.  

And, if you've never used done-for-you or private label rights (PLR) content with commercial use rights, you're in for a time-saving treat. We create the content and you can use it as your own in your business. You can add your name to it and your logo. You can edit it, put links to your products and publish it on your blog, social media, add it to your products and more.

To your great success,
Alice Seba
Alice Seba
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