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One thing about being productive and managing your time better is that it is crucial to accept that perfectionism, micromanaging, and procrastination is all roadblocks that lead to wasting time. Let go and accept being done, and you’ll discover so much more time in your day. Help your audience stop wasting time with these attractive and thought provoking graphics that you can use on your website, on social media, in your newsletters and more.

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Your Done-for-You Graphics Bundle Includes:

10 images with thought-provoking quotes on time management. Here's a peek … You get all the graphics in jpg format one set with a border and one set without. Just add your link or logo in any photo editor.

Time Management jpg Image

We've also included the PSD source files, so you can edit colors, fonts and anything you need.

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Graphics Pack Contents Time to Create Cost to Create
10 Professionally Designed Social Media Graphics with Hand-Selected Quotes Plain and With Decorative Border 4 hours $350

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