​How to Use P​rivate Label Rights and ​
What Mistakes to Avoid

​Ever buy private label rights content (PLR) and then do nothing with it?

Ugh, of course you have. We ALL have. It's great content and we have good intentions, but then we blow it.

​In the video above, Justin Popovic lays out a great model for making sure that you use up all the PLR that you buy and that you use it effectively. 

  • Take an inventory of what you have...and important step, especially if you've been accumulating.
  • ​Put th​e content you have into three categories: Premium (make for sale), Lead Gen (to grow your list) and Branding (free content you publish freely).
  • Decide how you will use the PLR, based on those 3 categories. For example, are they being added to a product, will you make an opt-in page to promote the content or are you adding it to your blog?
  • Keep ​your PLR in an "assets" folder as you'll probably have many opportunities to use the content again for different purposes. 

​Justin also gives you tips on mistakes to avoid using PLR content. Watch the video above to learn more​ and if you'd like to grab his resource sheet and take advantage of the very special offer he mentioned, click the button below.

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