2 Case Studies: Get Results with Video without Appearing on Camera or Even Saying a Word

HINT: Do This for Yourself or as a High-Ticket Service for Your Clients

Watch the video above as Damon shows you how he created videos for his clients, each for under $150...and helped his client sell over $8 million in real estate. He outlines the steps including:

  • Finding out what customers (people who are ALREADY looking to buy) are looking for, so you can deliver the right content to them. 
  • Gathering information to include in the video, so you can easily create a script. 
  • Creating a benefit-driven script and instructions to produce the best results. 
  • Finding professional actors on the cheap that will perform in your videos for you.
  • Using free and easy to use editing tools to make your video as professional as possible. 

And he never appears on camera or even had to include his or his client's voice in the video. It was all done as simply and inexpensively as possible, making it easy for him to serve his clients and for clients to get more sales through the power of video.