The World Needs Compassion More Than Ever

On compassion. 

It's the topic of report + planner pack (special offer ends today), but I personally chose the topic because I think it's so IMPORTANT and what we all really need so much right now. 

And it kind of breaks my heart because if we all decided to be more compassionate, a lot of our problems would disappear. 

The world NEEDS compassion more than ever. 

On a grand scale, politics are tearing people apart and the only people that win are those in power. And it's not just in the US with the election looming. Politics has infiltrated so much and it's sometimes hard to see that most people really just want the same things as us, even if they see a different route to get there.

And in our daily lives, interpersonal relationships are under a lot of strain. We're all going through things right now and it's causing a lot of friction and people feeling they're being neglected or abandoned…when all we should be doing right now is coming together in understanding. 

And it doesn't matter what aspect of life you or your clients are dealing with…compassion will help them get more of what they want. And at the same time, it also helps those around them get more of what they want. 

It's a win-win…every single time. 

That IS the beauty of compassion. 

Compassion in business allows people to understand their own customers and clients better, so they can create better products and serve them better. 

When the workplace is out of sync, everything falls apart and we get out of sync because we don't take the time to understand one another.

Families are dealing with a lot right now. Job loss, health concerns, school stress…not to mention the feeling of being cooped at home and sometimes perhaps being in too close quarters too often.

And we also need to be more compassionate with the most important person of all…ourselves. We’re our harshest critics and we let that critic take over, it makes it hard to find that happiness and success we desire. 

If we can just slow down, be more patient with one another and ourselves, taking time to understand different perspectives, there is automatically more room for love, happiness and contentment.

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