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Ugly is a Truly Beautiful Thing

You know people write to us all the time and tell us our sites are ugly (in so many words) or outdated looking. I still use old-school opt-in pages and sales pages. I make graphics that look like they're from the olden days of 2001.

But you know why I do this? Because this stuff WORKS.

This is one of the lessons conveyed in the free Pinterest Class this week, even though they didn't outright say it. By the way, the replay expires today, so make sure you check it out.

When you see beautiful images and websites, what do you feel? Maybe relaxed and enjoying the view but are you paying attention what is being said? The fonts blend in to the website and don't command attention. I think we get distracted by pretty things and just see the pretty. We feel good, but not necessarily motivated.

But when we see something not so beautiful, it grabs our attention in a different way. It maybe makes us a little uncomfortable and we search for clues on what's going on. And when you're using direct response marketing techniques (like headlines, bullet points in sometimes eye-catching colors), you draw the eye in to what you are actually trying to say.

That is powerful.

Now am I suggesting that you uglify your beautiful sites and graphics. Well not totally uglify it, but I would take another look at what you're putting out there and see how it can better command attention.

Case in point, have a look at the results Daniel and John get from their “book-o-graphics” that can be replicated to promote anything…not just books.

If you want tips on adding just a bit of action-oriented ugly to your site or graphics, post a link to what you want help with below.

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Alice Seba
Alice Seba
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