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Available Affiliate Promotions

In this section, you'll find all our ready-to-promote content that you can use to earn money with the Publish for Prosperity Affiliate Program. You can find links to all our products, free PLR samples and even links for informational content you can share.

Full Product Promotions:

Find complete email series that you can use to promote a product for best results. We've included special money-saving coupon codes to get your customers to take action FAST. You'll also find information about the product funnels and find other useful things to make it easy to promote.

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Free PLR Samples:

We've got a number of free PLR samples your customers can get full private label rights too. And we'll be sure to upsell them into buying our awesome content and it'll be hard for them to resist once they see how go it is.

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Free Content to Share: 

Find information articles and other content you can share with your audience. Those content pieces also include promotions for our product, so you get paid when someone makes a purchase. 

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