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Alice SebaHey, thanks so much for being a part of our affiliate program. I really appreciate you. One of the biggest goals in my business is to create high-converting offers that are EASY for you to promote…and result in satisfied customers that come back for more.

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  • Join our Facebook Group: We do send affiliate updates and promotions by email, but I encourage you to join our Facebook Group as well. You'll get updates there and you can ask questions and get help anytime you need.
  • How to Add a Bonus for Your Customers: If you'd like to give your customers a downloadable file for purchasing through your link, you can add that to their members area. The instructions for doing that are in our Facebook Group, so make sure you're a member and you'll find the instructions there.
  • View Our Promotion Calendar: This is a combined calendar for 3 of my private label rights affiliate programs. You'll be able to see all the launches in advance, so you can get on board with contests and more.
  • Not signed up for our affiliate program yet? Join here: If you happened to find this page before registering our affiliate program, make sure you complete that process before you start promoting. Make sure to add your PayPal address to your account, so we can pay you too.