How to Increase Loyalty and Sales Through More Customer Engagement 

Build trust and sales through audience interaction.

Great marketers know that engaging their audience is key to their success ... and it should be yours too! Your audience cares about engagement - they are interested in what you have to say. Google cares about engagement. And social media will let you die a painful death if they don't think you engage enough. 

Now, I don't suggest bending over backwards to satisfy a social media platform or any algorithm ... only where it matches your ultimate business goals. But you should be creating interesting conversations and encouraging your audience to continue conversations on their own. 

Here are just a few ways to get engagement:

  • Ask a question. We have some conversation starters in our free 30-days of social media pack here
  • Make a controversial point. 
  • Respond to someone else's high profile controversial point / opinion
  • Use humor to make people laugh. 
  • Evoke emotions - anger, frustration, sadness ... and the positive ones too. 
  • Share beautiful or eye-catching content ... draw the eye in with powerful images, engage them with your conversation.
  • Use live video, webinars, etc. ... to build a closer connection and interactive experiences.
  • Share your audience's content. Ask them to submit stories, thoughts, photos, etc. 
  • Tell stories ... they are so powerful in creating connection, making concepts easier to understand, making you relatable, etc. We have a free guide on incorporating stories into your PLR here
  • Offer interactive content, which can be something as simple as creating a printable like a worksheet - have your audience DO things with what they learn from you. Here's an article on using printables to grow your business that you might find helpful
  • Similar to the previous, give action steps. Even if they aren't downloading a printable, tell them what their next steps should be (including buying your product, of course!)

Above all, approach your content as a face-to-face conversation, even if you never see the people you're conversing with. Imagine that interested audience member in front of you and ask them questions, give them everything to get the most of out of their time with you. 

The more they interact, the more loyalty it brings. And to be the most successful, the more you incorporate your products into your engaging content, the more your customers are going to buy. 

Engagement is always key. We need interested eyeballs, clicks and conversations for a successful business, but also realize this takes time to build. Focus on the places where your engagement is most effective and build from there. And don't be afraid to talk to yourself for a while ... if you're new. All this practice will just mean you get better and better at what you do while your audience grows bigger and bigger.

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To your great success,
Alice Seba
Alice Seba
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