How to Quickly and Easily Turn Social Media Graphics into Great Instagram and Social Videos Your Audience Will Love

(Plus You Can Download a Video Example with Source Files and Private Label Rights)

By now, you may know that we released a free package of 30 days worth of social media content. It's filled with conversation starters, personal development quotes and personal development tips…and include a graphic for each one. Well, the great thing about this package is that you can do so many things with it and one of them is turn them into video as Damon explains below. 

Watch the Video Above to Learn:

  • How to make quick and informative videos from the social media graphics
  • How to get a quality voiceover done for as little $5, if you don't want your voice on the video
  • Easy-to-use and inexpensive software that let's you quickly create these videos, edit them, add music, etc.
  • Remember, if you're posting to Instagram, your videos need to be under one minute.

Share the videos to Instagram, Facebook or wherever you share social video content and boost exposure to your content.

Here is An Example Video:

Insert Video

As you can see, it's just simple and very short videos for your social media videos. Of course, you could add your branding to the videos, add a promotional message to sign up for your list and more. 

Download This Video Example with Full Editing Rights and Source Files...for Free

This video didn't take long to create, but if you're up for saving time, we've got all the source files for you, so you can use the video too. We've included the finished mp4 file that is ready to go. We've also included the mp3 audio recording, a script and the PowerPoint slides, so you can work your own magic if you prefer. You can also use these as a template for your future videos too. Instagram resized slide show and video included. 

Just click "Add to Cart" below and it will be added to your Publish for Prosperity account for free.