Stay Focused And Get Your Product Out For Sale​

REMINDER! This is how you get 'er done. 

You can always create an awesome product if you stay focused. Sometimes we have bigger plans than we can manage, but that doesn't mean you need to change your launch date. 

Start by reviewing the product and see how you can launch it on time. What items can be added later or perhaps be delivered via a live session after your customers pay?

There is no such thing as perfection and seeking it leads to procrastination. Get that product out there, add to it and refine it as you go.

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Alice Seba
Alice Seba
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Join me, any my special guest instructor, Justin Popovic from Tools For Motivation.
In this session, you will learn insider information on how some of the most savvy business owners are turning done-for-you (PLR) content into a steady flow of revenue generating products/courses.
Justin will also share some real-world, practical examples of how PLR content can help you…
* Build the know, like, trust factor to make selling your offers a breeze.
* Spoil your subscribers so they never want to leave your list… while turning them into repeat customers
* Create a WOW factor for new people visiting your site for the first time by creating free blog posts that you “COULD” charge money for… and do so in less than 10 minute
* Gain a huge competitive edge by creating visually stunning ebooks, presentations, handouts and more… even if your design skills suck
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