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Make Your Products More Useful to Your Audience!

Make Your Products More Useful to Your Audience!

A collection of worksheets and printables for a Better MeW

I recently asked the question in our Facebook Group, "What could you add to your product to make it more useful and valuable to your audience today?"

A comment from David said it was adding an MP3 audio book to go along with his ebook. Great idea to add another stream of revenue for indie or traditional book publishers!

For others, it could be a tutorial, a handy printable or other useful tool. There are so many easy ways to boost the value of your product in the eyes of your audience. It's also an excuse to tell your audience about your new and improved product too!

100 Best Selling Worksheets and Printables Pack

So how about 100 excuses you could use to tell your audience what you have that is fresh and new for them? Something that will make their life better? We can all use some help in doing that. That is just what we have done in this new package. 

And you can help them get started with our 100 Best Selling Worksheets/Printables Mega Pack. 

100 of the Best Selling Worksheets/Printables

In this exciting worksheet printable kit find ...

Five categories with 20 of the BEST SELLING  worksheets/printables in each category:

  1. A Better Me
  2. Success Mindset
  3. Positivity
  4. Motivation
  5. Confidence

Find the Why

Whether you post these to your website, sell as downloadable/printables on Etsy, or use a few as samples (for example, one worksheet from each of the five categories) as an optin with a follow-up offer to buy the rest of them, always determine the WHY. Why are you are publishing these and how will this pack benefit both you AND your customers. Knowing this reason will guide you to use this content more effectively. Buying this pack and then letting it set on your hard disk collecting virtual dust is not good ROI!   

I hope this generated some purposeful ideas how you can help your audience improve the five areas of their life with these worksheets/printables and some creative thinking.  

And, if you've never used done-for-you or private label rights (PLR) content with commercial use rights, you're in for a time-saving treat. We create the content and you can use it as your own in your business. You can add your name to it and your logo. You can edit it, put links to your products and publish it on your blog, social media, add it to your products and more.