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Now, Let's Take a Closer Look:

"Finding Balance" 92-Page Journal

Finding Balance PLR Journal

Give your readers a beautiful place to jot down their thoughts each day. This 92-page journal includes plenty of open space to write, plus motivational quotes, affirmations, and writing prompts for inspiration, including…

  • "No one on his deathbed ever said, "I wish I had spent more time at the office." - Paul Tsongas
  • What does work-life balance look like to you?
  • I no longer comingle work and life.
  • Either you run the day, or the day runs you. ~ Jim Rohn
  • How do you feel today?

2 Sets of Promotional eCover Graphics

These professionally designed eCover sets each come with easy-to-edit Canva templates and 6 png/jpg images. (Each set includes a flat image and five 3D designs).
Finding Balance Journal eCover 1
Finding Balance Journal eCover 2

Here's a closer look at just some of the pages in "Finding Balance" Journal... 

Finding Balance Inside Journal

"Living a Balanced Life" 97-Page Planner

Help your readers stay on track as they work toward the life of their dreams with this 97-page planner! 

Living a Balanced Live PLR Planner
Living a Balanced Life PLR Planner 2

2 Sets of Promotional eCover Graphics

These professionally designed eCover sets each come with easy-to-edit Canva templates and 6 png/jpg images. (Each set includes a flat image and five 3D designs).
Living a Balanced Life Planner eCovers 1
Living a Balanced Life ecovers 2

10 Days of Emails & 10 Days of Blog Posts/Articles

We've included 10 pre-written emails on the topic of "Achieving Work-Life Balance" in this massive bundle. Just download, tweak as little or as much as you'd like, Monetize with affiliate offers or links to your own products or services, and schedule them in your autoresponder for a consistent source of amazing content for your readers. It really doesn't get any easier than that! 

Achieve Work-Life Balance PLR Blogs

You'll receive 10 in-depth blog posts/articles on the topic of "Achieving Work-Life Balance," as well. Like the rest of this package, they come with full PLR rights, so you can download, edit, Monetize, brand, and publish them under your own name on your blog, in your newsletter, and/or use them to create videos, livestreams, podcast scripts, and more.

achieve work life balance plr emails

Here's a look at the blog post titles: 

Achieve Work-Life Balance Blog Titles

And the emails: 

5 Work-Life Balance Printables/Worksheets

work-life balance printables

Here's a look at the Printables titles: 

printables work-life balance

Bonus #1: Full "Creating Your Dream Life with Your Own Vision Board"

4-Part eCourse!  

Creating Your Dream Life with Your Own Vision Board Ecourse

This 4-Part eCourse includes the following:

4 Vision Board Guides: You get 4 illustrated guides (.doc) that teach your readers step-by-step how they can take their dreams and desires to the next level by creating a vision board.
Topics Include:

1. Why Vision Boards and Learning the Basics
2. Setting Your Goals and Intentions
3. Putting Your Vision Board Together
4. Putting Thoughts into Action

4 Worksheets: You get 4 worksheets (.doc) that accompany each one of the guides so your readers can stay on track while planning, setting their goals and putting together their vision boards.
4 Detailed Checklists: You get 4 checklists (.doc) that will give your readers a summary of what steps to take based on each of the instructional guides.
4 Course Delivery Emails: Add these emails to your autoresponder and deliver the course materials over 4 lessons. We've made it super easy!
4 Professionally-Designed Ecover Sets: .JPG and .PSD with flat cover and 4 x 3D versions to go with each report to help your opt-ins stand out.
1 Lead-Generating Opt-in Page: To help you grow your list with this content, we’ve included the opt-in copy and the WordPress-ready code for you.

Bonus #2: Work-Life Balance Articles, Journal Prompts, and Checklist  

This special bonus pack includes the following:

10 Articles: You get 10 Articles (.docx) all on the topic of work-life balance. Titles include:

work-life balance articles

50 Journal Promtps: (.docx) to help your readers dig deeper and figure out what is working to find a work-life balance.
1 Detailed Checklists: (.docx) to keep your readers on track while finding work-life balance.

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Inside this HUGE bundle, you'll receive:

  • 92-Page Editable "Achieving Work-Life Balance" Journal 
  • 2 Sets of Professionally Designed Journal eCovers with Easy-to-Edit Canva Templates 
  • 97-Page Editable "Living a Balanced Life" Planner
  • 2 Sets of Professionally Designed Planner eCovers with Easy-to-Edit Canva Templates 
  • 10 In-Depth "Achieving Work-Life Balance" Blog Posts (5,206 words & 20 pages of fresh content!)
  • 10 Ready-to-Schedule "Achieving Work-Life Balance" Emails
  • 5 Printable/Worksheets
  • + Bonus #1: Vision Board 4-Week eCourse
  • + Bonus #2: Work-Life Balance Articles, Journal Prompts, and Checklist

Let's take a look at all that's involved with putting together this content on your own... 

Journal + Planner Pack Time to Create Cost to Create
Professionally-Designed Printable Planner 6 Hours $400
Professionally-Designed Journal 6 Hours $400
2 Professionally-Designed Ecover Sets (.JPG with flat cover and 5 x 3D versions each) 3 Hours $525
10 Days of Emails 10 Hours $1,000
10 Days of Blog Posts 10 Hours $1,000
TOTAL TIME TO CREATE: 35 Hours* (*excludes bonus content) TOTAL COST TO CREATE: $3,325** (**excludes bonus content)

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